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Items may be placed in the Clipboard on most of the regular pages either by dragging/dropping them from a Listing or by tagging Listing items and adding them by pressing a button. Clipboard items may include Articles, Books, Issues, Periodicals, and Authors. The Clipboard is saved as a browser cookie.

Then, on the Library page, Clipboard items may be moved into the Library, once again either by dragging/dropping or by tagging. The primary purpose of the Clipboard is to serve as a temporary-storage conduit for the Library.
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Ronald Firbank -
This dropdown field allows publication items to be viewed as a Listing (the default), with image and information, or in condensed formats, as image Stamps or in an image Gallery. For the latter two formats, hovering the cursor over the image displays the full Listing information above.
The various dropdown Selection Fields in the Control Bar allow different filtering of the content material shown on the screen while generally providing a numerical quantifier of number of different items.
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The Search/Browse fields, including Title, Author, Period, and Publication, located near the top of many pages serve a dual role.

As information is entered, the various various Cloud fields and any Listing dynamically readjust to reflect the filtering, with e.g. an Author Cloud displaying only those Authors whose names correspond to the letters in the Author field, and the publication Listing filtered by the letters in the Title field.

However, if the Search Button (or ENTER) is pressed, the same information in the fields, plus anything in the Text or extended fields, is used to run a full Search of all the material, and the Search Results displayed. However, in Search Mode, full words are required in the Title, Author, or Publication Fields.

Meanwhile, pressing the [+] to the right of the Search Button displays several additional fields that can be used to filter Searches.
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    The various Toggle Boxes on a page may be opened or closed by clicking them individually. They typically display additional information or different views of the material, including the PDF for a readable publication.
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    This Cloud allows the content displayed on the screen to be filtered by particular Type/Format, with the relative size of the name indicating the volume of available material. The tint indicates what fraction of the material is readable for copyright reasons (bright blue means mostly readable, dark blue means substantially readable, and black means primarily unreadable.

    The Cloud is fully reactive, meaning that the displayed names immediately adjust as information is entered into the Period fields, or other selections are made.
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    Any of these items may be added to the Clipboard at the top of the page either by dragging/dropping them or by checking the box to tag them and them pressing the appropriate button. Once located in the Clipboard, they transferred into a Library Shelf on the Library page.
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    These fields control the Sorting and Ordering of the publications displayed in the Listing, which dynamically reacts as soon as they are changed. Sorting options include by Title, Author, Date, and Type, either Ascending or Descending, and also control the number of items being shown.
    1. Extravaganzas (1935) by Ronald Firbank
      Containing the Artificial Princess and Concerning the Eccentricities of Cardi...
      2 Reviews, 2 Readable
    2. Five Novels (1949) by Ronald Firbank
      5 Reviews, 1 Readable
    3. The Flower Beneath the Foot (1924) by Ronald Firbank - BORROW/READ
      Being a Record of the Early Life of St. Laura de Nazianzi
      2 Reviews, 2 Readable
    4. Prancing Nigger (1924) by Ronald Firbank
      2 Reviews, 1 Readable
    5. Santal (1955) by Ronald Firbank
      2 Reviews
    6. Three More Novels (1951) by Ronald Firbank
      Vainglory, Inclinations, Caprice
      3 Reviews, 2 Readable
    7. Three Novels (1950) by Ronald Firbank - BORROW/READ
      Vainglory, Inclinations, and Caprice
      1 Review
    8. Vainglory (1925) by Ronald Firbank
      1 Review, 1 Readable