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Q: What is UNZ.org?

A: The UNZ.org website is intended to provide convenient access to a large quantity of high-quality content material, mostly published over the last 150 years in America and England, including both articles and books, encompassing over one million readable items and titles of another million items not readable due to copyright. Much of this material has never previously been available anywhere on the Internet and should be useful for researchers and intellectual historians.

Q: Why do you include non-readable articles and books?

A: The inclusion of the copyright-excluded material allows users to examine a more nearly complete collection of a given author's writings, even if many of the particular items themselves are currently unavailable due to copyright. If necessary, many of these other items can often be accessed and read on other websites or content systems, especially in the case of extent publications. Furthermore, there is a chance that at some future point these publications will be released for reading on this website as well.

Q: The website seems very different than when I previously visited. What's the story?

A: The current Version 2.0 release of UNZ.org incorporates major design changes from the previous version, but nearly all of the same underlying printed content is still available. Given the relatively slight use of the previous links to external videos and webzines, these portions have been removed, thereby streamlining access to the printed materials which constitute the main value of the system. Another major change has been the widespread use of Javascript, rendering most of the pages "reactive" as you begin entering information.

Q: How do I find a given author or publication?

A: Most of the main pages of the website contain one or more "Reactive Clouds," with the names of various authors or publications. Javascript functions cause these Clouds to "react" and change the displayed information as you begin typing in the entry boxes. For example, as you enter the first few letters of an author's name on the Home page, the Clouds adjust to display only those authors whose names begin with those letters. Similar adjustments occur as you start typing in a particular decade or year, or if you select one of the drop-down settings or other filter. This allows you to quickly focus in on the individuals you are seeking based on your particular criteria.

At any point, the relative size of the names in a given Cloud indicates the volume of underlying content material associated with that name. Meanwhile, the color indicates what fraction of the content material is readable (for copyright reasons): bright blue indicates mostly readable, dark blue indicates partly readable, and black means mostly unreadable

Q: How do I find a given article or book?

A: The main Articles and Books pages, as well as the Overview tabs for individual authors or publications, display a Listing of articles (or books) towards the bottom of the page. Like the Clouds, these Listings are "reactive" and automatically adjust as you being typing in any of the information in the various data entry fields---Title, Author, Publication, or Period, displaying only those items that match your selection.

Q: What about the individual publications?

A: When you reach the pages associated with a given publication, you can examine the contents in a number of different ways, accessed via the different tabs. The default Overview tab gives you the Cloud of authors for that publication plus the Listing of individual articles, with both of these being "reactive" as you provide information in the Title, Author, or Period fields.

There are also several other tabs. The Tree tab displays a dynamic tree allowing the individual time periods, issues, and articles to be opened for greate detail. The Year Contents tab displays the tables of contents for all the issues of a given year, the Issues, Small Covers, and Large Covers tabs display those views of the contents for a given decade, and the All Years tab provides an overview of the entire archive of the periodical. In addition, the drop down field in the control bar may be used to explore the different periods. All these pages allow for convenient browsing of the contents of a given periodical and clicking on any of the individual links accessing more detailed information.

Q: How does Searching work?

A: As mentioned above, much of the exploration of the website contents is normally performed by browsing the various different pages or entering information into the various text fields and having the displayed information automatically adjust. Actual Searches are performed in a parallel manner, by entering the target information into the data fields and then pressing the Search button (or simply hitting Enter). The system then performs a Search across the selected Text, Title, Author, and other information and displays the findings in a new Search Results tab.

Searches may be performed on any of these individual pages, or on the Power Search page, which allows for more detailed Searches across all content material.
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Decade 1930s Archives
Harold de Wolf Fuller -
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  • Total Archives: 42 Items - 1 Book, 2 Articles, 39 Reviews
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    Items - 1930s
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    1. [+]
      (3 Reviews)
      Try the Sky, by Francis Stuart
      1. Try the Sky by Francis Stuart
      2. All Men Are Enemies by Richard Aldington
      3. The Snows of Helicon by H.M. Tomlinson
      The Literary Digest
      , August 19, 1933, pp. 22-23 - PDF
    2. [+]
      (4 Reviews)
      The First World War: A Photographic History, by Laurence Stallings
      1. The First World War: A Photographic History by Laurence Stallings
      2. Shakespeare and Hawaii by Christopher Morley
      3. The People's Choice by Herbert Agar
      4. The American Federation of Labor by Lewis L. Lorwin and Jean Atherton Fle...
      The Literary Digest
      , August 12, 1933, p. 15 - PDF
    3. [+]
      (3 Reviews)
      Mellon's Millions: The Biography of a Fortune, by Harvey O'Connor
      1. Mellon's Millions: The Biography of a Fortune by Harvey O'Connor
      2. The Soft Spot by A.S.M. Hutchinson
      3. The Framework of an Ordered Society by Arthur Salter
      The Literary Digest
      , September 2, 1933, p. 16 - PDF
    4. [+]
      (4 Reviews)
      This Changing World, by Samuel S. Fels
      1. This Changing World by Samuel S. Fels
      2. Twenty Years A-Growing by Maurice O'Sullivan
      3. A Million Miles in Sail by John Herries McCulloch
      4. The Barbary Coast by Herbert Asbury
      The Literary Digest
      , August 26, 1933, pp. 22-23 - PDF
    5. [+]
      (3 Reviews)
      The Shape of Things to Come, by H.G. Wells
      1. The Shape of Things to Come by H.G. Wells
      2. The Farm by Louis Bromfield
      3. America Through Women's Eyes by Mary R. Beard
      The Literary Digest
      , September 9, 1933, p. 34 - PDF
    6. [+]
      (7 Reviews)
      Watching the World Go By, by Willis J. Abbot
      1. Watching the World Go By by Willis J. Abbot
      2. Murder in Bermuda by Willoughby Sharp
      3. Presenting Lily Mars by Booth Tarkington
      4. Cecil Rhodes by Sarah Gertrude Millin
      5. Old Gimlet Eye by Lowell Thomas
      6. The Forgotten Man by Ernest G. Shinner
      7. Germany Enters the Third Reich by Calvin B. Hoover
      The Literary Digest
      , September 16, 1933, p. 28 - PDF
    7. [+]
      (7 Reviews)
      Cry Havoc!, by Beverley Nichols
      1. Cry Havoc! by Beverley Nichols
      2. Wonder Hero by J.B. Priestley
      3. The Great Tradition by Granville Hicks
      4. Mandoa, Mandoa! by Winifred Holtby
      5. A Short History of the World's Shipping Industry by C. Ernest Fayle
      6. The Psalms of Krishna by Richard Carlyle
      7. Sidney and Beatrice Webb by Mary Agnes Hamilton
      The Literary Digest
      , September 23, 1933, p. 31 - PDF
    8. [+]
      (7 Reviews)
      Poor, Splendid Wings, by Frances Winwar
      1. Poor, Splendid Wings by Frances Winwar
      2. How to Speak English Effectively by Frank H. Vizetelly
      3. Sarah Bernhardt: Divine Eccentric by G.G. Geller
      4. The Journal of Gamaliel Bradford, 1883-1932 by Van Wyck Brooks and Gamaliel Bradford
      5. Thirteen at Dinner by Agatha Christie
      6. Dark Hazard by W.R. Burnett
      7. The Anatomy of Criticism by Henry Hazlitt
      The Literary Digest
      , September 30, 1933, pp. 33-34 - PDF
    9. [+]
      (8 Reviews)
      Judah P. Benjamin: Statesman of the Lost Cause, by Rollin G. Osterweis
      1. Judah P. Benjamin: Statesman of the Lost Cause by Rollin G. Osterweis
      2. The Mirrors of Wall Street by Anonymous
      3. Two Valleys by Howard Fast
      4. God's Tenth by Doreen Eileen A. Wallace
      5. Talifer by Edwin Arlington Robinson
      6. The Crime of Cuba by Carleton Beals
      7. How Chinese Families Live in Peiping by Sidney D. Gamble
      8. The Best Plays of 1932-1933 by Burns Mantle
      The Literary Digest
      , October 7, 1933, p. 32 - PDF
    10. [+]
      (7 Reviews)
      War Memoirs, Vol. I: 1914-1915, by David Lloyd George
      1. War Memoirs, Vol. I: 1914-1915 by David Lloyd George
      2. No Second Spring by Janet Beith
      3. Gowns by Roberta by Alice Duer Miller
      4. Kingdom Coming by Roark Bradford
      5. Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain
      6. John Ruskin by R.H. Wilenski
      7. Anne Sullivan Macy by Nella Braddy Henney
      The Literary Digest
      , October 14, 1933, p. 28 - PDF
    11. [+]
      (6 Reviews)
      The Menace of Fascism, by John Strachey
      1. The Menace of Fascism by John Strachey
      2. More Power to You! by Walter B. Pitkin
      3. The Joy of Living by Franklin H. Martin
      4. How to Stay Young by Robert Hugh Rose
      5. Vanessa by Hugh Walpole
      6. Peter Abelard by Helen Waddell
      The Literary Digest
      , October 21, 1933, p. 30 - PDF
    12. [+]
      (6 Reviews)
      John Hay: From Poetry to Politics, by Tyler Dennett
      1. John Hay: From Poetry to Politics by Tyler Dennett
      2. Homecoming: An Autobiography by Floyd Dell
      3. Germany---Twilight or New Dawn by Anonymous
      4. Slanting Lines of Steel by E. Alexander Powell
      5. Along This Way by James Weldon Johnson
      6. Happy Days by Ogden Nash
      The Literary Digest
      , October 28, 1933, pp. 38-39 - PDF
    13. [+]
      (10 Reviews)
      The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, by Vincent Starrett
      1. The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes by Vincent Starrett
      2. It's Up To the Women by Eleanor Roosevelt
      3. Mr. Jubenka by Adrian Alington
      4. English Literature in the Twentieth Century by John W. Cunliffe
      5. There's Always Another Year by Martha Ostenso
      6. Flight from the City by Ralph Borsodi
      7. Ida Elisabeth by Sigrid Undset
      8. Paris to the Life by Paul Morand and Doris Spiegel
      9. The American Procession by Agnes Rogers and Frederick Lewis Allen
      10. Front Porch by Reginald Wright Kauffman
      The Literary Digest
      , November 4, 1933, p. 34 - PDF
    14. [+]
      (9 Reviews)
      An American Colossus, by Ralph Edward Bailey
      1. An American Colossus by Ralph Edward Bailey
      2. Making the Most of Your Income by Harvey A. Blodgett
      3. Winners by Roy Bullard Chamberlin
      4. Dr. Thorndyke Intervenes by R. Austin Freeman
      5. The Old Man Dies by Elizabeth Sprigge
      6. Pleasures and Palaces by Frances Lester Warner and Gertrude Ch...
      7. The Unknown Brahms by Robert Haven Schauffler
      8. An Elephant Up a Tree by Hendrik Willem Van Loon
      9. I, the Tiger by Manuel Komroff
      The Literary Digest
      , November 11, 1933, p. 30 - PDF
    15. [+]
      (11 Reviews)
      The Roosevelt Revolution: First Phase, by Ernest K. Lindley
      1. The Roosevelt Revolution: First Phase by Ernest K. Lindley
      2. America Swings to the Left by Alva Lee
      3. The Astonishing Island by Winifred Holtby
      4. One More River by John Galsworthy
      5. Nancy Owlett by Eden Phillpotts
      6. Brandeis: Lawyer and Judge in the Modern State by Alpheus Thomas Mason
      7. Adventure of Living by J. Breckenridge Ellis
      8. It Was the Nightingale by Ford Madox Ford
      9. Changing Patterns by William Dana Orcutt
      10. The Tumult and the Shouting by Katherine Ursula Parrott
      11. Eighteen by Catherine Atkinson Miller
      The Literary Digest
      , November 18, 1933, p. 36 - PDF
    16. [+]
      (11 Reviews)
      War Memoirs, Vol. II: 1915-1916, by David Lloyd George
      1. War Memoirs, Vol. II: 1915-1916 by David Lloyd George
      2. Oriental Caravan by Sirdar Ikb Ali Shah
      3. A Handbook of NRA by Lewis Mayers
      4. Samuel Pepys: The Man in the Making, 1633-1669 by Arthur Bryant
      5. Democracy, Debts and Disarmament by J.T. Walton Newbold
      6. Poland: Land of the White Eagle by Edward C. Corsi
      7. The Woman on the Beast by Helen de Guerry Simpson
      8. The Night Club Era by Stanley Walker
      9. Cash Item by Catharine Brody
      10. Within This Present by Margaret Ayer Barnes
      11. Gay Life by E.M. Delafield
      The Literary Digest
      , November 25, 1933, p. 28 - PDF
      Richard Henry Dana, 1851-1931, by Bliss Perry
      1. Richard Henry Dana, 1851-1931 by Bliss Perry
      The Literary Digest
      , December 16, 1933, pp. 45-46 - PDF
    18. [+]
      The Letters of Grover Cleveland, 1850-1908, by Allan Nevins and Grover Cleveland
      1. The Letters of Grover Cleveland, 1850-1908 by Allan Nevins and Grover Cleveland
      The Literary Digest
      , December 2, 1933, p. 42 - PDF
    19. [+]
      America Self-Contained, by Samuel Crowther
      1. America Self-Contained by Samuel Crowther
      The Literary Digest
      , December 9, 1933, p. 32 - PDF
    20. [+]
      The Man of the Renaissance, by Ralph Roeder
      1. The Man of the Renaissance by Ralph Roeder
      The Literary Digest
      , December 23, 1933, p. 29 - PDF