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    David Henderson at FFF Conference 2008
    David R. Henderson on "The Economics of War" at the Future of Freedom Foundation's Restoring the Republic, 2008. David R. Henderson is an associate professor of economics at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California and a Research Fellow with the Hoover Institution at St...
    6 Videos = 58:14 - The Future of Freedom Foundation TV / YouTube
    De Mayor of Harlem (1971) by David Henderson
    1 Review
    Canticle (Verse) by David Henderson, p. 80
    The Paris Review, Summer 1971
    Jettatrice by Lois T. Henderson and David Henderson, pp. 17-27
    Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, October 1974
    The Case Against the Minimum Wage by David R. Henderson, p. 9 - PDF
    The Libertarian Review, December 1977
    The Battle over Conscription
      The Return of Slavery by David Henderson,, pp. 26-27 - PDF
    The Libertarian Review, April 1979
    Government Intervention in Energy: Savior or Villain? by David R. Henderson, pp. 18-23 - PDF
     The present shortages of oil and natural gas have been caused by one thing and o...
    The Libertarian Review, July 1979
    'Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky (1983) by David Henderson - READ
    [+] Economic Conclusions vs. Economic Thinking (Review) by David R. Henderson, p. 53 - PDF
     Politics and Philosophy of Economics, by T.W. Hutchison

    1. Politics and Philosophy of Economics by T.W. Hutchison
    Reason, January 1983
    [+] Can Regulators Reform? (2 Reviews) by David R. Henderson, pp. 59-61 - PDF
     Social Regulation, by Eugene Bardach, Robert A. Kagan, ...

      Reason, July 1983
      [+] Pumping Away at "Big Oil" (Review) by David R. Henderson, p. 49 - PDF
       Great Energy Scam, by Fred J. Cook

      1. Great Energy Scam by Fred J. Cook
      Reason, September 1983
      [+] Safety by Supply and Demand (Review) by David R. Henderson, pp. 62-68 - PDF
       Risk by Choice, by W. Kip Viscusi

      1. Risk by Choice by W. Kip Viscusi
      Reason, February 1984
      [+] Closing in on Plant Closings (Review) by David R. Henderson, pp. 62-65 - PDF
       Fugitive Industry, by The Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy~Richard B...

      1. Fugitive Industry by The Pacific Research Institute for Publi...
      Reason, January 1985
      The Economics of Fuel Economy Standards by David R. Henderson, pp. 45-56 - PDF
      Regulation, January 1985
      James Buchanan & Co. by David R. Henderson, pp. 37-43 - PDF
       How a self-described down-home country boy joined forces with a State Department...
      Reason, November 1987
      Economics by David R. Henderson, pp. 44-45 - PDF
       The Supply-Siders Were Right (Partly)
      Reason, April 1988
      The '80s Will be Remembered...
        --- by David R. Henderson , p. 52 - PDF
      Reason, May 1988
      Economics by David R. Henderson, pp. 42-43 - PDF
       America for Sale?
      Reason, July 1988
      Economics by David R. Henderson, pp. 40-43 - PDF
       Budgets are Stubborn Things
      Reason, November 1988
      [+] Witness to a Revolution? (2 Reviews) by David R. Henderson, pp. 32-34 - PDF
       Revolution, by Martin Anderson, ...

        Reason, December 1988
        [+] Life & Liberty (2 Reviews) by David R. Henderson, pp. 48-49 - PDF
         Henderson's Law of Heroic Movies

          Reason, July 1989
          [+] Marginal Success (Review) by David R. Henderson, pp. 53-55 - PDF
           The Growth Experiment, by Lawrence B. Lindsey

          1. The Growth Experiment by Lawrence B. Lindsey
          Reason, October 1990
          Capitalism: An Olympic Winner by David R. Henderson, pp. 260-261 - PDF
           While economic liberty doesn't guarantee gold medals,it does allow each person m...
          The Freeman/Ideas on Liberty, July 1992
             [+] 3 Reviews Takings, by Richard A. Epstein, ... --- by David R. Henderson,, p. 24 - PDF
            Reason, December 1992
            The Fortune Encyclopedia of Economics (1993) by David R. Henderson
            1 Review
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