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       [+] Review Points of Rebellion, by William O. Douglas --- by William Kristol,, p. 20 - PDF
    1. Points of Rebellion by William O. Douglas
    The American Spectator, November 1970
    The Christmas Gift that Was by William Kristol, p. 7 - PDF
    The American Spectator, January 1971
    Politics as a Side Show by William Kristol, p. 8 - PDF
    The American Spectator, November 1972
    Editorial II by William Kristol, p. 3 - PDF
    The American Spectator, February 1973
       [+] Review Kissinger: Portrait of a Mind, by Stephen R. Graubard --- by William Kristol,, p. 16 - PDF
    1. Kissinger: Portrait of a Mind by Stephen R. Graubard
    The American Spectator, March 1974
    The Victorian Churchill by William Kristol, pp. 11-12 - PDF
    The American Spectator, December 1974
       [+] Review United Nations Journal, by William F. Buckley, Jr. --- by William Kristol,, p. 17 - PDF
    1. United Nations Journal by William F. Buckley, Jr.
    The American Spectator, February 1975
    [+] The Cloud of Danger (Review) by William Kristol, pp. 42-44 - PDF
     The Cloud of Danger, by George F. Kennan

    1. The Cloud of Danger by George F. Kennan
    The American Spectator, November 1977
    [+] Speaking Intelligently About Policy Analysis (Review) by William Kristol, pp. 105-109
     Speaking Truth to Power, by Aaron Wildavsky

    1. Speaking Truth to Power by Aaron Wildavsky
    The Public Interest, Spring 1980
    [+] Constitutional Law Today (Review) by William Kristol, pp. 111-115
     Democracy and Distrust, by John Hart Ely

    1. Democracy and Distrust by John Hart Ely
    The Public Interest, Winter 1981
    [+] Defending Democratic Capitalism (Review) by William Kristol, pp. 101-107
     The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism, by Michael Novak

    1. The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism by Michael Novak
    The Public Interest, Summer 1982
    Where Do We Go From Here?
      --- by William Kristol , p. 50 - PDF
    The American Spectator, December 1982
    On the Neoliberal Frontier by William Kristol, pp. 38-40 - PDF
     A Review of Robert Reich's The Next American Frontier
    Regulation, May 1983
    [+] Conservative Statecraft (Review) by William Kristol, pp. 120-125
     Statecraft as Soulcraft, by George F. Will

    1. Statecraft as Soulcraft by George F. Will
    The Public Interest, Fall 1983
    Can-Do Government by William Kristol, pp. 62-67 - PDF
     Three Reagan Appointees Who Made a Difference
    Policy Review, Winter 1985
    Constitution by William Kristol, pp. 19-20 - PDF
     Standing Tall on Realignment
    The American Spectator, February 1985
    On the Condition of American Liberalism
      --- by William Kristol , p. 15 - PDF
    The American Spectator, April 1985
    Constitutional Opinions by William Kristol, pp. 28-30 - PDF
     The Meese that Roars
    The American Spectator, June 1985
    [+] Beyond Individualism? (Review) by William Kristol, pp. 76-82
     Habits of the Heart, by Robert N. Bellah, Richard Madsen, William M. Sullivan, A...

    1. Habits of the Heart by Robert N. Bellah, Richard Madsen, Willia...
    Commentary, July 1985
    A Conservative Looks at Liberalism by William Kristol, pp. 33-36
    Commentary, September 1993
    [+] The Permanent Questions (Review) by William Kristol, pp. 63-66
     Love and Friendship, by Allan Bloom

    1. Love and Friendship by Allan Bloom
    Commentary, December 1993
    Life and Career of William Kristol
    American Profile, Washington, District of Columbia, United States
    Mr. Kristol spoke about his life and career in Washington, D.C. He discussed his tenure as chief of staff for Vice President Quayle and the misguided perception the American people have of the former vice president.
    60:00 - C-Span TV, Tuesday, December 21st, 1993
    Life and the Party by George Weigel and William Kristol, pp. 53-55
    The National Review, August 15, 1994
    A discussion about midterm elections with R.W. "Johnny" Apple, William Kristol, an...
    Current Affairs
    A discussion about the implications of the midterm elections for President Clinton, Congress, and Republicans and Democrats. Panelists include R.W. "Johnny" AppleJr., Washington bureau chief of "The New York Times", William Kris...
    56:58 - Charlie Rose, Wednesday, November 9th, 1994
    The Neoconservative Imagination (1995) by Christopher Demuth and William Kristol
    Essays in Honor of Irving Kristol
    1 Review
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