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    [+] Episodic Chapters (Review) by R.P.O., p. 30
     New Found World, by Harold Lamb

    1. New Found World by Harold Lamb
    The National Review, December 7, 1955
    The Educational Bureaucracy by Revilo Oliver, p. 22
    The National Review, December 14, 1955
    [+] Blow to Optimists (Review) by R.P.O., p. 28
     James Joyce and the Common Reader, by William Powell Jones

    1. James Joyce and the Common Reader by William Powell Jones
    The National Review, December 28, 1955
    [+] Impressive Example (Review) by R.P.O., p. 29
     The Mind of Napoleon, by J. Christopher Herold, Napoleon

    1. The Mind of Napoleon by J. Christopher Herold and Napoleon
    The National Review, January 11, 1956
    [+] Dull World War (Review) by R.P.O., p. 30
     U.S.S. Paradise, by Hawes C. Harris

    1. U.S.S. Paradise by Hawes C. Harris
    The National Review, January 18, 1956
    [+] Reminiscing Ghost (Review) by R.P.O., p. 30
     Cross My Heart, by Frank Scully

    1. Cross My Heart by Frank Scully
    The National Review, January 18, 1956
    [+] Symbol of Doom (Review) by Revilo Oliver, p. 29
     A Night to Remember, by Walter Lord

    1. A Night to Remember by Walter Lord
    The National Review, January 18, 1956
    [+] Family Squabble (Review) by R.P.O., p. 30
     The McCormick Reaper Legend, by Norbert Lyons

    1. The McCormick Reaper Legend by Norbert Lyons
    The National Review, January 25, 1956
    [+] Worry-Chaser (Review) by R.P.O., pp. 30-32
     Earth in Upheaval, by Immanuel Velikovsky

    1. Earth in Upheaval by Immanuel Velikovsky
    The National Review, January 25, 1956
    [+] Fashionable Biography (Review) by R.P.O., p. 29
     Cervantes: The Man and His Time, by Sebastian Juan Arbo

    1. Cervantes: The Man and His Time by Sebastian Juan Arbo
    The National Review, February 1, 1956
    [+] Paradise Found (Review) by Revilo Oliver, p. 29
     Utopia, 1976, by Morris L. Ernst

    1. Utopia, 1976 by Morris L. Ernst
    The National Review, February 8, 1956
    [+] Yardstick for Failure (Review) by R.P.O., p. 29
     William Randolph Hearst: A New Appraisal, by John K. Winkler

    1. William Randolph Hearst: A New Appraisal by John K. Winkler
    The National Review, February 8, 1956
    [+] Convenient Conspectus (Review) by R.P.O., p. 29
     On the Track of Prehistoric Man, by Herbert Kuhn

    1. On the Track of Prehistoric Man by Herbert Kuhn
    The National Review, February 15, 1956
    [+] Sorrier Still (Review) by Revilo Oliver, p. 28
     Las Vegas: Playtown, U.S.A., by Katharine Best, Katharine Hillyer

    1. Las Vegas: Playtown, U.S.A. by Katharine Best and Katharine Hillyer
    The National Review, February 22, 1956
    [+] Clear Expostion (Review) by R.P.O., p. 29
     Art, the Critics, and You, by Curt J. Ducasse

    1. Art, the Critics, and You by Curt J. Ducasse
    The National Review, February 29, 1956
    [+] Invitation to Liberals (Review) by Revilo Oliver, p. 29
     Night Raider of the Atlantic, by Terence Robertson

    1. Night Raider of the Atlantic by Terence Robertson
    The National Review, March 7, 1956
    [+] Low Score (Review) by R.P.O., p. 29
     Grand Old Party, by M.B. Schnapper

    1. Grand Old Party by M.B. Schnapper
    The National Review, March 7, 1956
    [+] Chiefly Gossip (Review) by R.P.O., p. 28
     Lupescu, by Alice-Leone Moats

    1. Lupescu by Alice-Leone Moats
    The National Review, March 21, 1956
    [+] Point of No Return (Review) by R.P.O., p. 28
     As I Remember It, by James Branch Cabell

    1. As I Remember It by James Branch Cabell
    The National Review, March 21, 1956
    [+] American Tragedy (Review) by R.P.O., p. 29
     The Stature of Theodore Dreiser, by Alfred Kazin, Charles Shapiro

    1. The Stature of Theodore Dreiser by Alfred Kazin and Charles Shapiro
    The National Review, March 28, 1956
    [+] Scant Comfort (Review) by R.P.O., p. 29
     Great Enterprise, by Herrymon Maurer

    1. Great Enterprise by Herrymon Maurer
    The National Review, March 28, 1956
    [+] Socialist Saint (Review) by Revilo Oliver, p. 25
     The French Faust, Henri de Saint-Simon, by Mathurin M. Dondo

    1. The French Faust, Henri de Saint-Simon by Mathurin M. Dondo
    The National Review, March 28, 1956
    [+] Whoppers on Spooks (Review) by R.P.O., p. 29
     Ghosts in American Houses, by James Reynolds

    1. Ghosts in American Houses by James Reynolds
    The National Review, March 28, 1956
    [+] Old Story, New Scare (Review) by R.P.O., p. 28
     The Flying Saucer Conspiracy, by Donald E. Keyhoe

    1. The Flying Saucer Conspiracy by Donald E. Keyhoe
    The National Review, April 4, 1956
    [+] One for the Road (Review) by R.P.O., p. 28
     The Power to Go, by Merrill Denison

    1. The Power to Go by Merrill Denison
    The National Review, April 4, 1956
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