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    Stanford / Accel Partners: The Benefit of Picking the Right VC
    Marc Fleury, creator of JBoss, explains why it is important, for those in business with an engineering background, to not abandon the science but embrace it. Striking a balance between the two will make for a more successful entrepreneur.
    6 Videos = 15:14 - Academic Earth
    Stanford / Accretive Technology Partners: Raising Venture Capital
    David Frankel, Founding Partner at Altirah Capital, discusses term sheets and how to structure a venture capital deal. Frankel suggests that when raising money an entrepreneur should 1) Favor VCs with simple term sheets, 2) Retain an experienced startup lawyer and 3) Explore any unfamiliar terms.
    16 Videos = 34:45 - Academic Earth
    Stanford / Adaptive Path: Creating Meaning for Employees with Janice Fraser
    Fraser believes alignment is the underlying principle to everthing we do. The work has to be fulfilling for the people who work in entreprenuerial ventures, she says. It is important to create an environment where people can excel.
    7 Videos = 14:10 - Academic Earth
    Stanford / Adding Value to Companies with Bill Campbell
    Bill Campbell, former CEO of Intuit, talks about his role of adding value in start-up companies like Good Technology as well as established companies, like Google, that already have management teams.
    4 Videos = 7:54 - Academic Earth
    Stanford / Affymax: Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry with Gordon Ringold
    Ringold talks about the fundamental differences between sole entrepreneurship in the academic setting versus entrepreneurship in an industry setting: a change in dynamics from a sole activity, to teamwork from different disciplines to solve fundamental problems. Industry has learned this long befo...
    14 Videos = 43:01 - Academic Earth
    Stanford / African American History: The Modern Freedom Struggle with Clayborne Carson
    This lecture is entitled "Barack Obama's American Dream". It was recorded on December 6, 2007.
    17 Videos = 17 hours - Academic Earth, Thursday, December 6th, 2007
    Stanford / AgraQuest: Creating Need for Your Product with Pam Marrone
    Marrone describes the impact of AgraQuest on the global bio-pesticide market.
    9 Videos = 20:50 - Academic Earth
    Stanford / Angel Investment with Ron Conway
    A million dollars should last any new venture at least a year. And companies are most productive when they're less than ten people strong. These business axioms are good advice for any enterprise, says Ron Conway, investor in over 500 companies, and fellow investor Mike Maples. A lean and mean sta...
    11 Videos = 35:04 - Academic Earth
    Stanford / Aruba Networks: Transferring Big Company Culture to Startups with Dominic Orr
    Dominic Orr, CEO of Aruba Networks, argues that the unique benefit of advanced technical training is not necessarily analytical thinking--this skill can be developed in many places. Rather Orr suggests that the benefit of advanced technical training is the courage to address uncertain problems wit...
    13 Videos = 44:44 - Academic Earth
    Stanford / Astrobiology and Space Exploration with Lynn Rothschild
    Dr. David McKay, Chief Scientist for Astrobiology at the Johnson Space Center, lectures on his scientific experience with meteorites, more specifically ALH 84001.
    12 Videos = 13 hours - Academic Earth
    Stanford / AuctionDrop: Taking Risks in a New Venture with Randy Adams
    Randy has learned from years of starting companies that he has developed an addiction to risk taking. A benefit of young companies is that it is easier to take risks because of the size. There may be nay-sayers, but Randy's advice is to ignore them and continue on with your plan.
    17 Videos = 42:13 - Academic Earth
    Stanford / Autodesk: The Personal Side of Management with Carol Bartz
    Autodesk's vision is to keep the design data in digital format. Wireless industry is essential in this area. A small team of engineers at Autodesk banded together and built a wireless product on the fly to address an immediate need.
    17 Videos = 33:07 - Academic Earth
    Stanford / Axialent: Five Archetypes of Organizational Culture with Andy Freire
    After discussing his five archetypal organizational cultures, Andy Friere, Co-founder and CEO of Axialent, clarifies that while ultimately an organization wants to have each of the five cultural archetypes, the way to achieve this balance is to develop one archetype at a time over a period of year...
    9 Videos = 26:38 - Academic Earth
    Stanford / Axion: Selling a Venture, Managing Board Relationships, Managing Intellectual Property with Michael Goldberg
    Goldberg advises students and young-budding entrepreneurs to follow their passions. You have to be passionate for your company to be able to persist and face the failures that come along the way, he says.
    7 Videos = 12:37 - Academic Earth
    Stanford / B Labs: Socially Responsible Business
    Find people smarter than you, and hang on to them for dear life. This doesn't just apply to the talent you hire, but also to the people you work alongside to build and shape your emerging venture. Jay Coen Gilbert, Bart Houlahan, and Andrew Kassoy all co-manage B Labs on equal footing. Here, Coen ...
    3 Videos = 13:08 - Academic Earth
    Stanford / Bit Torrent: Why Investors Invest with Ping Li
    Ashwin Navin, Co-founder and President of Bit Torrent, talks about founding teams--where they come from and how to form them. Navin suggests that founding teams emerge from relationships developed in school or work and that founding teams work best when the team members have complimentary skills. ...
    4 Videos = 8:03 - Academic Earth
    Stanford / Burrill & Co: Building a Successful Biotech Company with G. Steven Burrill
    According to Burrill, some of the important laws in entrepreneurship are: 1) The importance of balance in teams; 2) Understanding the market place and how technology helps in creating market share; 3) Raising barriers to entry; and 4) Financing and importance of tactics more than strategy.
    5 Videos = 27:49 - Academic Earth
    Stanford / Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs with Jerry Kaplan
    Kaplan talks about how most people will work on an idea for a company for 2-3 years before they get the money. The best time to start a company, he notes, is when everybody thinks it is impossible.
    13 Videos = 46:58 - Academic Earth
    Stanford / Commercial Banking and Technology Companies with Ken Wilcox
    Building great corporate culture is more than just metaphors; it's what motivates a winning team. Most people at corporations in the US are unhappy, says Silicon Valley Bank CEO Ken Wilcox. But the organization can craft a pleasant and productive environment by hiring diverse and intelligent peopl...
    6 Videos = 25:21 - Academic Earth
    Stanford / Competing with Giants, Choosing Investors, and Building Company Culture with Mitch Kapor
    Mitch Kapor has been an entrepreneur since the 1980's, and here he pinpoints useful websites, educational programs, and learning opportunities that help level the playing field between seasoned venture capitalist and the first-time business operator.
    8 Videos = 18:08 - Academic Earth
    Stanford / Computer Science
    Array, Creating a New Array, The ++ Operator, Actual Size / Effective Size of the Array, An Array as a Parameter, Initialize an Array During Creation, An ArrayList
    3 Playlists, 82 Videos = 65 hours - Academic Earth
    Stanford / Conservation International: Achieving Resource Sustainability with Peter Seligmann
    Seligmann affirms that there are many business leaders interested in sustainability who understand the importance of sustainability for resource-related businesses.
    6 Videos = 16:27 - Academic Earth
    Stanford / Convex Optimization
    Algorithm Section Of The Course, Unconstrained Minimization, Initial Point And Sublevel Set, Strong Convexity And Implications, Descent Methods, Gradient Descent Method, Steepest Descent Method, Newton Step, Newton's Method, Classical Convergence Analysis, Examples
    2 Playlists, 37 Videos = 45 hours - Academic Earth
    Stanford / Creating Value in a Growing Business with Kenneth Denman
    Denman talks about how market experience, periodic reinvention through increase in capacity as well as capturing capital create significant value to a growing business.
    2 Videos = 3:25 - Academic Earth
    Stanford / Danger: Designing Products With Your Customers with Andy Rubin
    Danger has developed a low-cost combination device that functions as a phone, and is internet and email compatible, that is marketed to the young and hip. The business model is built around the services sold to wireless carriers so they are able to sell the devices cheaply and then make money on t...
    15 Videos = 44:03 - Academic Earth
Total Items = 137  ALL FIRST PREVIOUS  1   2   3   4   5   6  NEXT LAST / By 25 By 50
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