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    African Modernity
    This conference examines the history and critical reception of modern African art in art history and cultural studies. Major international scholars explore the central question -- when was (or is) modern African art? Presented by the Mbanefo Foundation and UC Santa Barbara. Series: Voices [7/2008]...
    4 Videos = 6:13:47 - UCTV, University of California Television / YouTube
    African-American Freedom Struggle with Clay Carson
    Lecture 6 of Clay Carson's Introduction to African-American History Course (HIST 166) concentrating on the Modern Freedom Struggle (Fall 2007). This lecture is entitled "Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Social Gospel". Recorded October 11, 2007 at Stanford University. This course introduces the viewer to...
    17 Videos = 18 hours - Stanford University Channel / YouTube
    American Studies C132B
    Intellectual History of the United States since 1865
    20 Videos = 25 hours - UCBerkeleyTV / YouTube
    Architecture and the State: 1940s-1970s
    9 Videos = 15 hours - Columbia University TV / YouTube, Tuesday, April 13th, 2010
    AST 210/EE 213
    Applied Science & Technology 210 / Electrical Engineering 213: Soft X-Rays and Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation Lecture 24: Coherence. Zone plate introduction Professor David T. Attwood, Electrical Engineering Professor in Residence, Professor Attwood's researc...
    28 Videos = 36 hours - UCBerkeleyTV / YouTube, Tuesday, August 21st, 2007
    (January 19, 2010) Lynn Rothschild, Research Scientist NASA Astrobiology Institute Ames Research Center, discusses the need for and attempts to create an operational definition of what it means to be alive. Stanford University: Stanford University Channel on YouTube: http:...
    14 Videos = 17 hours - Stanford University Channel / YouTube, Friday, September 17th, 2010
    Astronomy 7B
    Introduction to Astrophysics
    17 Videos = 22 hours - UCBerkeleyTV / YouTube
    Atoms to X-Rays
    Join physicist Frances Hellman for a fascinating presentation about semiconducting and magnetic materials and her research into what is called "spin electronics," which strives to use unique combinations of these materials to control electrons. Series: "Atoms to X-Rays" [4/2002] [Science] [Show ID...
    5 Videos = 3:29:42 - UCTV, University of California Television / YouTube
    Bear in Mind
    UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl interviews Ralph Hexter, dean of the College of Letters and Science, on the value of a liberal arts education; Psychology Professor Martin Covington on why the love of learning is more important than grades; and Kristin Reed, a doctoral student in environme...
    8 Videos = 4:42:11 - UCTV, University of California Television / YouTube
    Behind the White Coat
    Jean Constant is a digital artist who has been collaborating for many years in art and science projects that are committed to developing the dialogue between the two disciplines. Series: Behind the White Coat [6/2005] [Science] [Arts and Music] [Show ID: 9869]
    10 Videos = 4:44:15 - UCTV, University of California Television / YouTube
    Berkeley / Analysis and Design of VLSI Analog-Digital Interface Integrated C with Haideh Khorramabadi
    Berkeley Professor Haideh Khorramabadi lecture on Active Filters from the course Analysis and Design of VLSI Analog-Digital Interface Integrated C.
    25 Videos = 33 hours - Academic Earth
    Berkeley / Climate Change: Law and Policy
    Berkeley Professor Mike O'Hare lecture on Climate and Trade Law: The Biofuels Problem from the course Climate Change: Law and Policy.
    12 Videos = 21 hours - Academic Earth
    Berkeley / Current Issues in International and Area Studies with Paula Goldman
    Berkeley Professor Paula Goldman lecture on Business and the Environment, Part II from the course Current Issues in International and Area Studies.
    12 Videos = 17 hours - Academic Earth
    Berkeley / Data Structures with Paul Hilfinger
    Berkeley Professor Paul Hilfinger lecture on Abstract Methods and Classes, Continued from the course Data Structures.
    39 Videos = 30 hours - Academic Earth
    Berkeley / General
    Biological Bases of Mind and Behavior I
    42 Videos = 37 hours - Academic Earth
    Berkeley / General Biology I with Richard Malkin
    Berkeley Professor Richard Malkin lecture on Bio-engineered Animals and Models of Human Disease from the course General Biology I.
    42 Videos = 33 hours - Academic Earth
    Berkeley / General Biology II with Mary Power
    Berkeley Professor Mary Power lecture on Angiosperms 1a from the course General Biology II.
    44 Videos = 37 hours - Academic Earth
    Berkeley / General Biology Laboratory with Michael Meighan
    Berkeley Professor Michael Meighan lecture on Anatomy from the course General Biology Laboratory.
    15 Videos = 21 hours - Academic Earth
    Berkeley / General Chemistry with Kristie Boering
    Berkeley Professor Kristie Boering lecture on All Aglow: Light Energy from the course General Chemistry.
    42 Videos = 33 hours - Academic Earth
    Berkeley / General Human Anatomy with Marian Diamond
    Professor Diamond builds on previously introduced material about the cardiac system and introduces angiology, the study of the blood vessels. To begin, she draws a diagram of the composition of the circulatory system, showing how the arteries, arterioles, capillaries differ from veins and veinules...
    36 Videos = 30 hours - Academic Earth
    Berkeley / Machine Structures with David Culler
    Berkeley Professor David Culler lecture on Buffers, Buffering, Stacks, Overflows from the course Machine Structures.
    13 Videos = 11 hours - Academic Earth
    Berkeley / Molecular Biology: Macromolecular Synthesis and Cellular Function with Qiang Zhou
    Berkeley Professor Qiang Zhou lecture on Control of Eukaryotic Transcription: Part I from the course Molecular Biology: Macromolecular Synthesis and Cellular Function.
    26 Videos = 21 hours - Academic Earth
    Berkeley / Multivariable Calculus with Michael Hutchings
    Berkeley Professor Michael Hutchings lecture on Applications of Double Integrals from the course Multivariable Calculus.
    40 Videos = 30 hours - Academic Earth
    Berkeley / Nonviolence: From Gandhi to Martin Luther King with Michael Nagler
    Berkeley Professor Michael Nagler lecture on The American Civil Rights Movement, I: Montgomery, Guest Lecture II from the course Nonviolence: From Gandhi to Martin Luther King.
    26 Videos = 33 hours - Academic Earth
    Berkeley / Operating Systems and System Programming with John Kubiatowicz
    Berkeley Professor John Kubiatowicz lecture on Address Translation from the course Operating Systems and System Programming.
    23 Videos = 31 hours - Academic Earth
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