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22 Articles, 32pp

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Uncorrected Raw Text
Editor in Chief: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.; Publisher:
Baron Von Kannon of the Saturday Evening Club;
Circulation Manager: Ronald E. Burr; Managing
Editor: Adam Meyerson; Assistant Managing
Editor: Joyce Goldberg; Production Manager:
William McKeen; Senior Editors: Terry Krieger,
William Kristol, Rev. George Nathan; Executive
Secretary: JoAnn Bradley; Alien Contributors:
Eric Brodin, Carl Miller, Judy Tyrrell; Art Advisor:
Elliott Banfield; Associates: David Brudnoy,
Jameson G. Campaigne, Jr., D.W. Cooper,
John R. Coyne, Jr., James Grant, Peter Hughes,
Alan Reynolds, Roger D. Tyrrell; Art: Gustave
Dore, Eric Lohnaas; Americana Editor: P.D. Tyrrell;
Contributors: Aram Bakshian, Jr., Frank W.
Blatchford ID, A. Lawrence Chickering, J.P. Duggan,
David Friedman, Jerry Gerde, Neil Howe,
John Kelly, W. Wesley McDonald, Robert
McTiernan, Gary North, Terry O'Rourke, Marc F.
Plattner, G.W. Plunkitt. Peter J. Rusthoven, C.
Bascom Slemp, Benjamin Stein, J. Whitney
Stillman, David Tudor, Richard S. Wheeler,
Timothy J. Wheeler
5 Patrick Cosgrave The Legendary Churchill 5
7 Kirk Emmert The Imperial Churchill 7
8 Jeffrey D. Wallin The Warrior Churchill—1915 8
10 Philip Vander Elst The Warrior Churchill—1940 10
11 William Kristol The Victorian Churchill 11
14 Anthony Harrigan Schlesinger for the Defense 14
16 Adam Meyerson Norman Podhoretz: An Appreciation 16
18 Myron Lieberman Watergate: The Bottom Line 18
2 The Continuing Crisis 2
4 Editorial R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. ' 4
13 Business of America Paul E. Reinken 13
21 The Talkies Benjamin Stein 21
24 Brudnoy's Film Index .s David Brudnoy 24
25 Letter from a Whig C. Bascom Slemp 25
26 The Public Policy Peter }. Rusthoven 26
27 The Bootblack Stand George Washington Plunkitt 27
29 Current Wisdom Assorted Jackasses 29
30 Correspondence 30
20 William H. Nolte Serpent in Eden 20
22 Suzanne C. Cox An American Life 22
23 Wellington J. Griffith III National Suicide 23
28 Mary Jo Doyle Remembering Bix 28
David Brudnoy is a Boston television commentator
and writer and an associate of The
Alternative . . . Patrick Cosgrave is political
editor for the London Spectator and features
editor for the London Daily Telegraph Sunday magazine . . .
Suzanne C. Cox is on the staff of Senator Robert P. Griffin . . .
Mary Jo Doyle is a Rockford, Illinois newsreporter . . . Kirk
Emmert teaches government at Bowdoin College . . . Wellington J.
Griffith III is a free-lance writer living in Arizona . . . Anthony
Harrigan, a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, is executive
vice president of the United States Industrial Council . . .
William Kristol is a graduate student at Harvard and senior editor
of The Alternative . . . Myron Lieberman, author of many
books on education, directs the Teacher Leadership Program of
Contributors the City University of New York . . . Adam
Meyerson is managing editor of The Alternative
. . . William H. Nolte, chairman of the
English department at the University of
South Carolina, is one of the leading authorities on Mencken . . .
Paul E. Reinken is vice president for personnel and public
relations for Indiana Bell . . . Peter J. Rusthoven is a student at
Harvard Law School, where he is an editor of the Harvard Law
Review . . . C. Bascom Slemp is our Washington correspondent...
Benjamin Stein is a writer in New York City... Philip Vander Elst
just graduated from Oxford and writes for the London Spectator
and other English journals . . . Jeffrey D. Wallin teaches politics at
Arkansas State University.
The Alternative was founded in 1924 by
George Nathan and Truman Newberry over a
cheap domestic beer in McSorJey's Old Ale
House. Originally published on restroom walls,
only since 1967 has it come under purview of the
Saturday Evening Club which publishes it
monthly except July and September. One year
subscriptions (ten issues) cost $6.00 and all correspondence
(manuscripts, subscriptions,
threatening letters, federal grants, etc.) should be
sent to The Alternative, P.O. Box 877, 102 West
Sixth Street, Bloomington, Indiana, 47401, Continental
Microfilm editions of The Alternative are available
from Xerox University Microfilms, 300
North Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106.
Published remarkably without regard to race,
color, creed, or (most redundantly of all) national
origin-and yes, sex, even sex.
Copyright The Alternative Magazine 1974.
The Alternative: An American Spectator December 1974

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