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  • A New Deal (1932) by Stuart Chase
    4 Reviews, 4 Readable
  • Published Reviews
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      (13 Reviews)
      The Coming of a New Party, by Paul H. Douglas
      1. The Coming of a New Party by Paul H. Douglas
      2. Sons by Pearl S. Buck
      3. What Happened in the Mooney Case by Ernest Jerome Hopkins
      4. The Gods Arrive by Edith Wharton
      5. More Merry-Go-Round by Robert S. Allen
      6. Death in the Afternoon by Ernest Hemingway
      7. A New Deal by Stuart Chase
      8. The Roving Eye by Humphrey Pakington
      9. The Best Short Stories of 1932 by Edward J. O'Brien
      10. Not to Be Repeated: The Merry-Go-Round of Europe by Anonymous
      11. Inheritance by Phyllis Bentley
      12. Let There Be Beer! by Bob Brown
      13. Sons of the Wild Jackass by Ray Thomas Tucker and Frederick R. Ba...
      The Forum
      , November 1932 - PDF
    2. [+]
      A New Deal, by Stuart Chase
      1. A New Deal by Stuart Chase
      The Saturday Review
      , September 3, 1932, p. 75 - PDF
    3. The Library 
      (4 Reviews)
      Control from the Top, by Francis Neilson
      1. Control from the Top by Francis Neilson
      2. The Industrial Discipline by Rexford G. Tugwell
      3. A New Deal by Stuart Chase
      4. A Planned Society by George Henry Soule
      The American Mercury
      , January 1934, pp. 119-121 - PDF
    4. [+]
      A New Deal, by Stuart Chase
      1. A New Deal by Stuart Chase
      The Bookman
      , September 1932, pp. 512-513 - PDF