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Collier's Weekly, Issues of 1929 - Previous Year / Next Year
49 Issues, 974 Articles, 3,216pp: January 5, 1929 to December 28, 1929

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Issues of Jan.-Mar.
  • January 5 New Year 1929 - PDF
    The Best is yet to Come
  • January 12 Old Cars for New - The Used Car Market - PDF
  • January 19 Wings of Destiny by George Weston - PDF
    A war romance of a man who dared a traitor's death
  • January 26 Kansas, the Beer State by William G. Shepherd - PDF
  • February 2 The Cross-Eyed South-Paw by Richard Connell - PDF
    In which an amazing young man with freckles defends his girl
  • February 9 The Age of Indiscretion by Stephen Morehouse Avery - PDF
  • February 16 Bartender's Guide to Washington - PDF
  • February 23 Today's Trust Busters by William G. Shepherd - PDF
  • March 2 Mr. Thruppy Assaults the Mole by Laurie York Erskine - PDF
    A short story
  • March 9 What a Woman Wants by Samuel Merwin - PDF
  • March 16 The Gringo Privateer by Peter B. Kyne - PDF
    A romantic novel of the cattle war
  • March 23 The Lady Who Laughs by Stephen Morehouse Avery - PDF
    About a lady who laughs at love, and a man who says there is no mystery
  • March 30 A Sap's Fable by H.C. Witwer - PDF
Issues of Apr.-Jun.
  • April 6 Summer Lightning by P.G. Woodhouse - PDF
    Beginning a sparkling tale with a snappy cast, including the Earl of Emsworth, t...
  • April 13 Trip Number Ten by Frank Condon - PDF
  • April 20 Alexander the Greater - PDF
    Witwer's new success expert
  • April 27 Sir Jasper Slane by E. Phillips Oppenheim - PDF
    A new detective acquaintance
  • May 4 The Day the World Ended by Sax Rohmer - PDF
    The story of an appalling threat
  • May 11 The Solid Gold Article by Richard Connell - PDF
    Miss Agatha found her lovers behaving in most unexpected ways
  • May 18 The Magic Spade by Frank Condon - PDF
    A humorous story
  • May 25 Hearing Things in the Dark by Jesse L. Lasky - PDF
  • June 1 A Far Cry by Frank Condon - PDF
  • June 8 Speak Up or Dry Up by Senator Borah - PDF
  • June 15 An Eagel Flies by William Dudley Pelley - PDF
  • June 22 Still Waters by Frederick F. Van de Water - PDF
    A tingling new novel of mystery and love
Issues of Jul.-Sep.
  • July 6 Put Him on a Spot by Arthur Somers Roche - PDF
    What happens when a racketeer goes straight
  • July 13 Call Out the Marines by Dr. Clarence True Wilson - PDF
  • July 20 April Escapade by Kathleen Norris - PDF
    A heart-stirring new novel
  • July 27 Old-Fashioned Pete by Peter B. Kyne - PDF
  • August 3 He's my Man by Arthur Somers Roche - PDF
  • August 10 Galloping Pete by Thomber McMorrow - PDF
  • August 17 No More Windows by Frank Condon - PDF
    A comedy
  • August 24 Alibi by Hugh MacNair Kahler - PDF
    A story of a too perfect crime
  • August 31 The Prince's Darling by George R. Preedy - PDF
    A new novel
  • September 7 Firing Squad by Peter B. Kyne - PDF
    A short story
  • September 14 The Making of a Gentleman by Arthur Somers Roche - PDF
  • September 21 Zane Grey - PDF
  • September 28 King Karney by Richard Connell - PDF
    Dramatic short story
Issues of Oct.-Dec.
  • October 5 She'll Never Know by Arthur Somers Roche - PDF
    The story of a pretty girl and her fastidious crook
  • October 12 Let Freedom Ring by Peter B. Kyne - PDF
    Southern chivalry, love and, of course, villainy
  • October 19 The Girl at Zinky's by George Weston - PDF
    A short story
  • October 26 - PDF
  • November 2 The Yodeling Lady by Jerome Beatty - PDF
    Romance and laughter with sound effects
  • November 9 Fires of Baal by Sax Rohmer - PDF
    A Short Story
  • November 16 The Age of Youth by Arthur Somers Roche - PDF
    A story of a girl who knew what she wanted
  • November 30 If I Was Alone with You by Richard Connell - PDF
    The man with a million sweethearts
  • December 7 The Lion and the Lamb by E. Phillips Oppenheim - PDF
    Part I: A private war in which, as in others, all's fair
  • December 21 Catfish Wiggins Tries the Planets by Jerome Beatty - PDF
    And comes through smiling
  • December 28 The All-America Football Team - PDF
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