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Common Ground Archives
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  • Common Ground
    , Autumn 1941, pp. 42-47 - PDF
  • Readable PDF

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    Tree Summary
    1. [–] Issues of the 1940s
      = 9 Years, 33 Issues, 867 Articles
      1. [–] Issues of 1941
        = 1 Issue, 30 Articles
        1. [–] July 1941 Issue
          = 30 Articles
          1. Mexicans to Michigan by Carey McWilliams, pp. 5-18 - PDF
          2. Mexican Sketches by Howard N. Cook, pp. 19-22 - PDF
          3. Community in Clover by Landrum Bolling, pp. 23-27 - PDF
          4. Polonia to America by Ed Falkowski, pp. 28-36 - PDF
          5. The Canadian Amalgam by Watson Kirkconnell, pp. 37-40 - PDF
          6. Hello, Mr. Fairbanks!, p. 41 - PDF
          7. The People Respond by Ruby Black, pp. 42-47 - PDF
          8. To the South Americans by Robert Nathan, p. 48 - PDF
          9. Tony and Aunt Susan by Merritt H. Perkins, pp. 49-51 - PDF
          10. What the Negro Wants by Langston Hughes, pp. 52-54 - PDF
          11. Cotton Pickers (A Wood Engraving) by Clare Leighton, pp. 55-56 - PDF
          12. Evenin' Air Blues by Langston Hughes, p. 57 - PDF
          13. Carrie King Bowles by Fannie Cook, pp. 58-62 - PDF
          14. Joe Louis and His People by William G. Nunn, pp. 63-64 - PDF
          15. One Year in America by Philipp Flesch, pp. 65-68 - PDF
          16. The Story of Add-A-Part Records by Isabel Lundberg, pp. 69-72 - PDF
          17. How Not to Solve "The Jewish Problem" by Marie Syrkin, pp. 73-78 - PDF
          18. What Makes George Run? by James R. Gordon, pp. 79-82 - PDF
          19. The War on the Social Studies by Kenneth M. Gould, pp. 83-91 - PDF
          20. Sabotage in B-8 by Mataileen L. Ramsdell, pp. 92-96 - PDF
          21. Immigration, a Field for Research by Marcus Lee Hansen, pp. 97-106 - PDF
          22. Discrimination---Defense Bottle-Neck by Alan Cranston, pp. 107-111 - PDF
          23. Organizations and Their World, pp. 112-116 - PDF
          24. From the Immigrant Press, p. 117 - PDF
          25. [+] American Folkways by Henry C. Tracy, p. 118 - PDF
            - 2 Reviews
            1. Desert Country by Edwin Corle
            2. Pinon Country by Haniel Long
          26. [+] America Is Becoming by Henry C. Tracy, p. 119 - PDF
            - 1 Review
            1. Home Is Here by Sidney Meller
          27. [+] Hemispheric and Island Neighbors by Henry C. Tracy, p. 120 - PDF
            - 1 Review
            1. Good Neighbors by Hubert C. Herring
          28. [+] America in Artistic Expression by Henry C. Tracy, p. 121 - PDF
            - 3 Reviews
            1. Father of the Blues by W.C. Handy and Arna Bontemps
            2. The Negro in Art by Alain LeRoy Locke
            3. American Renaissance by F.O. Matthiessen
          29. [+] On the Social Horizon by Henry C. Tracy, p. 122 - PDF
            - 5 Reviews
            1. The New American by Francis Kalnay and Richard Collins
            2. Democracy in the Middle West, 1840-1940 by Jeannette P. Nichols and James G. Ran...
            3. We Hold These Truths by Stuart Gerry Brown
            4. The American Tradition by Louis B. Wright
            5. The Patriotic Anthology by Carl Van Doren
          30. Recommended Reading, pp. 123-128 - PDF
            1. The New American by Francis Kalnay and Richard Collins
            2. Democracy in the Middle West, 1840-1940 by Jeannette P. Nichols and James G. Ran...
            3. We Hold These Truths by Stuart Gerry Brown
            4. The American Tradition by Louis B. Wright
            5. The Patriotic Anthology by Carl Van Doren
      2. [+] Issues of 1942
        = 4 Issues, 118 Articles
        1. [+] Issues of 1943
          = 4 Issues, 109 Articles
          1. [+] Issues of 1944
            = 4 Issues, 110 Articles
            1. [+] Issues of 1945
              = 4 Issues, 111 Articles
              1. [+] Issues of 1946
                = 4 Issues, 107 Articles
                1. [+] Issues of 1947
                  = 4 Issues, 104 Articles
                  1. [+] Issues of 1948
                    = 4 Issues, 93 Articles
                    1. [+] Issues of 1949
                      = 4 Issues, 85 Articles
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