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Common Ground Archives
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  • Common Ground
    , Winter 1943, pp. 101-103 - PDF
  • Readable PDF

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    Tree Summary
    1. [–] Issues of the 1940s
      = 9 Years, 33 Issues, 867 Articles
      1. [+] Issues of 1941
        = 1 Issue, 30 Articles
        1. [+] Issues of 1942
          = 4 Issues, 118 Articles
          1. [–] Issues of 1943
            = 4 Issues, 109 Articles
            1. [+] January 1943 Issue
              = 26 Articles
              1. [+] April 1943 Issue
                = 26 Articles
                1. [+] July 1943 Issue
                  = 28 Articles
                  1. [–] October 1943 Issue
                    = 29 Articles
                    1. Democracy Begins at Home by Langston Hughes, pp. 3-6 - PDF
                    2. Democracy Was Not a Candidate by Lillian E. Smith, pp. 7-10 - PDF
                    3. A Letter Home by Dorothy Kissling, p. 11 - PDF
                    4. The South Needs Help by Thomas Sancton, pp. 12-16 - PDF
                    5. Wimmin in Britches by Jean Thomas, pp. 17-24 - PDF
                    6. The case of Jacob Goldstein by Marie Syrkin, pp. 25-30 - PDF
                    7. Those of German Descent by George N. Shuster, pp. 31-35 - PDF
                    8. Hans and Magda Meet the War by Barbara Parmelee, pp. 36-42 - PDF
                    9. Democracy in Relocation by Dillon Myer, pp. 43-47 - PDF
                    10. When the Aliens Left by Ernest L. Meyer, pp. 48-49 - PDF
                    11. Topsoil and Bibles by Paul B. Sears, pp. 50-56 - PDF
                    12. American Farmers, pp. 57-64 - PDF
                    13. An Ancient Democracy to a Modern by Mary Ellen Chase, pp. 65-71 - PDF
                    14. Me Do It! by Leta Browne, pp. 72-76 - PDF
                    15. A Letter to Giulio by Alfredo C. Camerini, pp. 77-79 - PDF
                    16. Section Boss by Marguerite Deti Lathrop, pp. 80-85 - PDF
                    17. A Special Stake in the War by Arnold Mulder, pp. 86-88 - PDF
                    18. Shipment by George Morimitsu, pp. 89-90 - PDF
                    19. Two Worlds by Edward Urban, pp. 91-94 - PDF
                    20. In the "Melting Pot" by Elfreda Nordell, pp. 95-100 - PDF
                    21. My Name Was Vinia by Marguerita Rudolph, pp. 101-103 - PDF
                    22. Sincerely Yours, pp. 104-106 - PDF
                    23. News Notes, pp. 107-109 - PDF
                    24. Language Teaching and the High Schools by M. Margaret Anderson, pp. 110-112 - PDF
                    25. From the Immigrant and Negro Press, pp. 113-114 - PDF
                    26. [+] Aspects of the Democratic Offensive by Henry C. Tracy, p. 115 - PDF
                      - 7 Reviews
                      1. Argentina: The Life Story of a Nation by John W. White
                      2. Pan American Progress by Philip Leonard Green
                      3. New World Constitutional Harmony by George H. Jaffin
                      4. A Democratic Manifesto by Emery Reves
                      5. The Raft by Robert Trumbull
                      6. What's Your Name? by Louis Adamic
                      7. The American Jew by Oscar I. Janowsky
                    27. [+] One Human Species by Henry C. Tracy, pp. 116-117 - PDF
                      - 6 Reviews
                      1. Man's Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy of Race by Ashley Montagu
                      2. No Day of Triumph by J. Saunders Redding
                      3. Small Town, South by Sam Byrd
                      4. Virginia Is a State of Mind by Virginia Moore
                      5. Mormon Country by Wallace Stegner
                      6. The Plenty of Pennsylvania by Cornelius Weygandt
                    28. [+] The American Spirit in Fiction by Henry C. Tracy, p. 118 - PDF
                      - 13 Reviews
                      1. All-American by John R. Tunis
                      2. Gentleman Ranker by John Jennings
                      3. The Valley of Decision by Marcia Davenport
                      4. The Drums of Morning by Philip Van Doren Stern
                      5. Tap Roots by James Street
                      6. Look Down from Heaven by Naomi Lane Babson
                      7. The Stones Begin to Dance by Aben Kandel
                      8. The Cup and the Sword by Alice Tisdale Hobart
                      9. Coarse Gold by Edwin Corle
                      10. The Little People by Albert Halper
                      11. The Seed Beneath the Snow by Ignazio Silone
                      12. Hostages by Stefan Heym
                      13. Fiesta in November by Angel Flores and Dudley Poore
                    29. [+] People and Places by Henry C. Tracy, pp. 119-130 - PDF
                      - 7 Reviews
                      1. People of Poros by Peter S. Gray
                      2. The Days of Ofelia by Gertrude Diamant
                      3. Negroes in Brazil by Donald Pierson
                      4. The Changing Indian by Oliver La Farge
                      5. The Time of My Life by Harry Carlos De Vighne
                      6. Rebels and Gentlemen by Carl Bridenbaugh and Jessica Bridenbaugh
                      7. The Port of New Orleans by Harold Sinclair
                2. [+] Issues of 1944
                  = 4 Issues, 110 Articles
                  1. [+] Issues of 1945
                    = 4 Issues, 111 Articles
                    1. [+] Issues of 1946
                      = 4 Issues, 107 Articles
                      1. [+] Issues of 1947
                        = 4 Issues, 104 Articles
                        1. [+] Issues of 1948
                          = 4 Issues, 93 Articles
                          1. [+] Issues of 1949
                            = 4 Issues, 85 Articles
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