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Common Ground Archives
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Tree Summary
  1. [–] Issues of the 1940s
    = 9 Years, 33 Issues, 867 Articles
    1. [+] Issues of 1941
      = 1 Issue, 30 Articles
      1. [+] Issues of 1942
        = 4 Issues, 118 Articles
        1. [+] Issues of 1943
          = 4 Issues, 109 Articles
          1. [–] Issues of 1944
            = 4 Issues, 110 Articles
            1. [+] January 1944 Issue
              = 25 Articles
              1. [–] April 1944 Issue
                = 25 Articles
                1. Your Million Fathers by Lyle Owen, pp. 3-8 - PDF
                2. Cantata: Mixed Voices by Sid Schumann, pp. 9-16 - PDF
                3. Something in Our Ways by Justus Lane, pp. 17-19 - PDF
                4. Growing New Roots by Clare Leighton, pp. 20-22 - PDF
                5. As Every Alien by Rosamund Dargan Thomson, p. 23 - PDF
                6. Jim Crow in the Classroom by Marie Syrkin, pp. 24-32 - PDF
                7. Here in This Pleasant Land by Milton Kaplan, p. 33 - PDF
                8. Yes, Your Honesty by George Papashvily and Helen Papashvily, pp. 34-37 - PDF
                9. Adobe Village by Dorothy L. Pillsbury, pp. 38-43 - PDF
                10. Fighting Together by Sergeant Ben Kuroki, pp. 44-52 - PDF
                11. Young Americans, pp. 53-60 - PDF
                12. The Nisei Speak by Carey McWilliams, pp. 61-73 - PDF
                13. The Braggart by Melvin B. Tolson, p. 74 - PDF
                14. Snowfall by D'Arcy McNickle, pp. 75-82 - PDF
                15. Racial Discrimination Not Allowed by Milla Z. Logan, pp. 83-86 - PDF
                16. Southern Offensive by Guy B. Johnson, pp. 87-93 - PDF
                17. Shall We Go Back? by Elfreda Nordell, pp. 94-97 - PDF
                18. The Pursuit of Liberty by Milton R. Konvitz, pp. 98-100 - PDF
                19. Miscellany, pp. 101-103 - PDF
                20. The Press, pp. 104-106 - PDF
                21. [+] The Pattern of Democracy by Henry C. Tracy, p. 107 - PDF
                  - 4 Reviews
                  1. Chicago by Dorsha Hayes
                  2. Democracy: Should It Survive?
                  3. What Is Our Destiny? by Norman Thomas
                  4. The Practice of Idealism by Alfred M. Bingham
                22. [+] For a Better World Order by Henry C. Tracy, p. 108 - PDF
                  - 4 Reviews
                  1. How New Will the Better World Be? by Carl L. Becker
                  2. Russia and the United States by Pitirim A. Sorokin
                  3. The Road to Teheran by Foster Rhea Dulles
                  4. A Preface to Peace by Harold Callender
                23. [+] Fiction for Today by Henry C. Tracy, p. 109 - PDF
                  - 5 Reviews
                  1. Strange Fruit by Lillian Smith
                  2. The Outnumbered by Catherine Hutter
                  3. Latchstring Out by Skulda V. Baner
                  4. The Dove Brings Peace by Richard Hagopian
                  5. The Laughter of My Father by Carlos Bulosan
                24. [+] Regional Reflections by Henry C. Tracy, p. 110 - PDF
                  - 3 Reviews
                  1. Out of the Midwest by John T. Frederick
                  2. Pills, Petticoats, and Plows by Thomas D. Clark
                  3. Street Corner Society by William Foote Whyte
                25. [+] Personalities and Backgrounds by Henry C. Tracy, pp. 111-122 - PDF
                  - 3 Reviews
                  1. A Yankee from Olympus by Catherine Drinker Bowen
                  2. Thirteen Against the Odds by Edwin R. Embree
                  3. Dr. George Washington Carver, Scientist by Shirley Graham and George D. Lipscomb
              2. [+] July 1944 Issue
                = 31 Articles
                1. [+] October 1944 Issue
                  = 29 Articles
                2. [+] Issues of 1945
                  = 4 Issues, 111 Articles
                  1. [+] Issues of 1946
                    = 4 Issues, 107 Articles
                    1. [+] Issues of 1947
                      = 4 Issues, 104 Articles
                      1. [+] Issues of 1948
                        = 4 Issues, 93 Articles
                        1. [+] Issues of 1949
                          = 4 Issues, 85 Articles
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                        Individual Pages
                        This section provides a display of the individual pages contained in the particular items, and if readable, clicking on a particular one opens that PDF. The Entire PDF of that item may be opened by clicking the Readable PDF toggle.
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