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  • A Question of Slavery (1967) by James Duffy
    Labour Policies in Portuguese Africa and the British Protest, 1850-1920
    2 Reviews
  • Published Reviews
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      A Question of Slavery, by James Duffy
      1. A Question of Slavery by James Duffy
      The American Historical Review
      , December 1967, p. 560
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      (10 Reviews)
      Coexistence, by Robert H. Evans
      1. Coexistence by Robert H. Evans
      2. The Conspiracy Against Hitler in the Twilight War by Harold C. Deutsch
      3. France, De Gaulle, and Europe by Simon Serfaty
      4. The Future of Germany by Karl Jaspers
      5. Italy by Muriel Grindrod
      6. The Obstructed Path by H. Stuart Hughes
      7. Portugal and Africa, 1815-1910 by R.J. Hammond
      8. A Question of Slavery by James Duffy
      9. The Spanish Press, 1470-1966 by Henry F. Schulte
      10. West German Aid to Developing Nations by Jack L. Knusel
      , Summer 1968, pp. 629-630