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Encounter [Fully Readable] -
38 Years, 424 Issues, 9,315 Articles, 41,008pp: October 1953 to September 1990

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    Oldsters & Youngsters by Gerd Bucerius, pp. 37-42 - PDF
    Encounter, March 1982
    Their Bomb and Ours by Alastair Buchan, pp. 11-18 - PDF
    Encounter, January 1959
    [+] Montgomery (Review) by Alastair Buchan, p. 67 - PDF
     The Memoirs of Field-Marshal the Viscount Montgome..., by Bernard Montgomery

    1. The Memoirs of Field-Marshal the Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, K.G. by Bernard Montgomery
    Encounter, February 1959
    Between Sword and Shield by Alastair Buchan, pp. 28-34 - PDF
    Encounter, July 1959
    [+] Sitting on a Time-Bomb (Review) by Alastair Buchan, pp. 74-76 - PDF
     Strategy for Survival, by Wayland Young

    1. Strategy for Survival by Wayland Young
    Encounter, December 1959
    [+] The Over-Sell (Review) by Alastair Buchan, pp. 86-87 - PDF
     Triumph in the West, by Arthur Bryant

    1. Triumph in the West by Arthur Bryant
    Encounter, March 1960
    [+] End of a Demagogue (Review) by Alastair Buchan, pp. 76-79 - PDF
     Senator Joe McCarthy, by Richard H. Rovere

    1. Senator Joe McCarthy by Richard H. Rovere
    Encounter, April 1960
    World with Arms without War by Alastair Buchan, pp. 79-82 - PDF
    Encounter, February 1961
    P. M. S. Blackett and War by Alastair Buchan, pp. 56-58 - PDF
    Encounter, August 1961
    The Age of Insecurity by Alastair Buchan, pp. 3-10 - PDF
    Encounter, June 1963
    The Age of Insecurity (II) by Alastair Buchan, pp. 34-42 - PDF
    Encounter, August 1963
    [+] War without Victory (Review) by Alastair Buchan, pp. 83-86 - PDF
     Korea: The Limited War, by David Rees

    1. Korea: The Limited War by David Rees
    Encounter, March 1964
    Difficult Decisions by Alastair Buchan, pp. 5-6 - PDF
    Encounter, December 1964
    [+] Walter Bagehot (Review) by Alastair Buchan, pp. 62-65 - PDF
     The Collected Works of Walter Bagehot, by Norman St. John-Stevas, Walter Bagehot

    1. The Collected Works of Walter Bagehot by Norman St. John-Stevas and Walter Bageho...
    Encounter, July 1966
    An Asian Balance of Power? by Alastair Buchan, pp. 62-71 - PDF
    Encounter, December 1966
    The Great Contingency by Alastair Buchan, pp. 3-6 - PDF
    Encounter, August 1967
    Questions about Viet Nam by Alastair Buchan, pp. 3-12 - PDF
    Encounter, January 1968
    [+] Price of Empire (Review) by Alastair Buchan, pp. 79-83 - PDF
     Abuse of Power, by Theodore Draper

    1. Abuse of Power by Theodore Draper
    Encounter, April 1968
    Viet Nam, Reasons & Rationales by Alastair Buchan, pp. 30-35 - PDF
    Encounter, May 1973
    [+] Misunderstanding Walter Bagehot (Review) by Alastair Buchan, pp. 69-72 - PDF
     The Collected Works of Walter Bagehot, by Norman St. John-Stevas, Walter Bagehot

    1. The Collected Works of Walter Bagehot by Norman St. John-Stevas and Walter Bageho...
    Encounter, May 1975
    Document by Art Buchwald, pp. 32-35 - PDF
     An Internal Affair
    Encounter, June 1977
    Poem by Heather Buck, p. 63 - PDF
    Encounter, May 1987
    Poem by Heather Buck, p. 11 - PDF
    Encounter, May 1988
    Poetry in Australia by Vincent Buckley, pp. 62-65 - PDF
    Encounter, April 1955
    Notes on Religious Poetry by Vincent Buckley, pp. 54-62 - PDF
    Encounter, September 1957
      Reading to my Sick Daughter (Verse) by Vincent Buckley,, p. 39 - PDF
    Encounter, January 1958
    Document by William F. Buckley, Jr., pp. 77-81 - PDF
     "Whatever Happened to Cleaver?"
    Encounter, February 1977
    Inquest on "the Death of Communism"
      --- by William F. Buckley, Jr. , p. 12 - PDF
    Encounter, July 1990
    Hope & Despair in the Soviet System by Vladimir Bukovsky and George Urban, pp. 3-18 - PDF
    Encounter, November 1987
    Hope & Despair in the Soviet System (II) by Vladimir Bukovsky and George Urban, pp. 16-26 - PDF
    Encounter, January 1988
    [+] Mirrors of German History (Review) by Alan Bullock, pp. 70-73 - PDF
     German History: Some New German Views, by Hans Kohn

    1. German History: Some New German Views by Hans Kohn
    Encounter, September 1954
    A Savage Darkness (Verse) by Michael Bullock, p. 48 - PDF
    Encounter, July 1965
    Affirmative Action, Negative Results by John H. Bunzel, pp. 43-51 - PDF
    Encounter, November 1979
    Every Sentence Carries a Government Warning by R.W. Burchfield, pp. 54-56 - PDF
    Encounter, February 1974
    [+] A Case of Mistaken Identity (Review) by R.W. Burchfield, pp. 57-63 - PDF
     Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society, by Raymond Williams

    1. Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society by Raymond Williams
    Encounter, June 1976
    On That Other Great Dictionary by R.W. Burchfield, pp. 47-50 - PDF
    Encounter, May 1977
    The Point of Severance by R.W. Burchfield, pp. 129-133 - PDF
    Encounter, October 1978
    This Great Act of Forgetting by Robert Burchfield, pp. 75-78 - PDF
    Encounter, August 1982
    Dictionaries, New & Old by Robert Burchfield, pp. 10-18 - PDF
    Encounter, September 1984
    [+] Waugh Begins (Review) by Anthony Burgess, pp. 64-68 - PDF
     A Little Learning, by Evelyn Waugh

    1. A Little Learning by Evelyn Waugh
    Encounter, December 1964
    [+] Powers That Be (2 Reviews) by Anthony Burgess, pp. 71-75 - PDF
     Corridors of Power, by C.P. Snow, ...

      Encounter, January 1965
      [+] Pushkin & Kinbote (Review) by Anthony Burgess, pp. 74-77 - PDF
       Eugene Onegin, by Aleksandr S. Pushkin

      1. Eugene Onegin by Aleksandr S. Pushkin
      Encounter, May 1965
      [+] The Great Vowel Shift & All That (Review) by Anthony Burgess, pp. 70-72 - PDF
       The Story of Language, by Mario Pei

      1. The Story of Language by Mario Pei
      Encounter, May 1966
      [+] Making De White Boss Frown (Review) by Anthony Burgess, pp. 54-58 - PDF
       Uncle Tom's Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe

      1. Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe
      Encounter, July 1966
      [+] English as an America (Review) by Anthony Burgess, pp. 67-70 - PDF
       Modern American Usage: A Guide, by Wilson Follett, Jacques Barzun

      1. Modern American Usage: A Guide by Wilson Follett and Jacques Barzun
      Encounter, February 1967
      [+] The Democracy of Prejudice (Review) by Anthony Burgess, pp. 71-74 - PDF
       Fifty Works of English and American Literature We ..., by Brigid Brophy, Michael...

      1. Fifty Works of English and American Literature We Could Do Without by Brigid Brophy, Michael Levey, and Charle...
      Encounter, August 1967
      [+] The Steinerian Agony (Review) by Anthony Burgess, pp. 79-82 - PDF
       Language and Silence, by George Steiner

      1. Language and Silence by George Steiner
      Encounter, December 1967
      [+] Graves and Omar (Review) by Anthony Burgess, pp. 77-79 - PDF
       The Rubaiyyat of Omar Khayaam, by Robert Graves, Omar Ali-Shah

      1. The Rubaiyyat of Omar Khayaam by Robert Graves and Omar Ali-Shah
      Encounter, January 1968
      Frenglish by Anthony Burgess, pp. 75-78 - PDF
      Encounter, June 1968
      Partridge in A Word Tree by Anthony Burgess, pp. 51-55 - PDF
      Encounter, July 1969
    Total Items = 91  ALL FIRST PREVIOUS  1   2  NEXT LAST / By 25 By 50
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