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Encounter [Fully Readable] -
38 Years, 424 Issues, 9,315 Articles, 41,008pp: October 1953 to September 1990

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    To Russia, with Greetings by John Le Carre, pp. 3-6 - PDF
    Encounter, May 1966
    [+] The Spy to End Spies (Review) by John Le Carre, pp. 88-89 - PDF
     The Case of Richard Sorge, by Frederick W. Deakin, Richard Storry

    1. The Case of Richard Sorge by Frederick W. Deakin and Richard Storry
    Encounter, November 1966
    Heading for the Island (story) by J.M.G. Le Clezio, pp. 17-23 - PDF
    Encounter, November 1965
    Andrei Tarkovsky by Mark Le Fanu, pp. 70-72 - PDF
    Encounter, November 1985
    Writing in Images by Mark Le Fanu, pp. 44-48 - PDF
     The Eisenstein Enigma
    Encounter, February 1989
    Images, Mirages, & the Media by Daniel J. Leab, pp. 71-75 - PDF
    Encounter, January 1989
    Frazer and Malinowski by Edmund Leach, pp. 24-36 - PDF
    Encounter, November 1965
    Poem by B.C. Leale, p. 16 - PDF
    Encounter, January 1983
    [+] Poverty & Inequality (7 Reviews) by R.A.B. Leaper, pp. 73-76 - PDF
     Sociology and Social Policy, by Peter Townsend, ...

      Encounter, October 1975
      Letter from Haltwhistle by Brian Lee, pp. 25-34 - PDF
      Encounter, February 1978
      Poem by Brian Lee, p. 24 - PDF
      Encounter, April 1979
      The Quest for Cundum by Gordon Lee, pp. 52-55 - PDF
      Encounter, March 1974
      The Uses of the Dead
        I. A Wake in Warsaw by Laurie Lee,, pp. 5-13 - PDF
      Encounter, February 1956
      A Letter from Cannes by Laurie Lee, pp. 15-20 - PDF
      Encounter, July 1957
      Grannies in the Wainscot by Laurie Lee, pp. 25-31 - PDF
      Encounter, June 1959
      Letter from Ibiza by Laurie Lee, pp. 36-43 - PDF
      Encounter, October 1959
      [+] When History (and God) Is On Your Side (Review) by Gordon Leff, pp. 83-86 - PDF
       The Influence of Prophecy in the Later Middle Ages, by Marjorie Reeves

      1. The Influence of Prophecy in the Later Middle Ages by Marjorie Reeves
      Encounter, November 1970
      [+] From Partisans to Participants (4 Reviews) by Gordon Leff, pp. 50-58 - PDF
       Pasts and Futures, by Jean Chesneaux, ...

        Encounter, April 1979
        Africa, Black and White
          Politics and Race by Colin Legum,, pp. 66-67 - PDF
        Encounter, June 1959
        Holden, Hodgkin and Africa by Colin Legum, pp. 67-69 - PDF
        Encounter, October 1961
        Beyond African Dictatorship by Colin Legum and Arthur Lewis, pp. 51-53 - PDF
        Encounter, December 1965
        Friend of Promise by John Lehmann, pp. 79-81 - PDF
        Encounter, May 1975
        Aden, the Desert State by P.-H. Lehmann, pp. 85-88 - PDF
        Encounter, December 1978
        The New Towers of Babylon by Peter-Hannes Lehmann, pp. 78-81 - PDF
        Encounter, January 1980
        John Maynard Keynes by Robert Lekachman, pp. 34-43 - PDF
        Encounter, December 1963
        [+] Who Plans What, for Whom, and Why? (2 Reviews) by Robert Lekachman, pp. 80-87 - PDF
         Free Men and Free Markets, by Robert Theobald, ...

          Encounter, November 1964
          [+] B & K (2 Reviews) by Robert Lekachman, pp. 73-76 - PDF
           Unequal Partners, by Thomas Balogh, ...

            Encounter, December 1965
            [+] Shonfield's Capitalism (Review) by Robert Lekachman, pp. 73-77 - PDF
             Modern Capitalism, by Andrew Shonfield

            1. Modern Capitalism by Andrew Shonfield
            Encounter, May 1966
            No Nonsense by Stanislaw Lem, pp. 3-7 - PDF
            Encounter, April 1979
            Yugoslavia in Crisis by Paul Lendvai, pp. 68-74 - PDF
            Encounter, August 1972
            Tito Debunked by Paul Lendvai, pp. 33-36 - PDF
            Encounter, November 1982
            Zinoviev's Strange Conversion
              Yawning Depths by Paul Lendvai,, p. 70 - PDF
            Encounter, December 1984
            Traveller in Albania by Paul Lendvai, pp. 62-73 - PDF
            Encounter, May 1985
            Inquest on "the Death of Communism"
              --- by Paul Lendvai , p. 8 - PDF
            Encounter, July 1990
            Soviet Empire in Crisis by Wolfgang Leonhard, pp. 23-30 - PDF
            Encounter, November 1980
              --- by Wolfgang Leonhard , pp. 26-27 - PDF
            Encounter, September 1990
            In Lieu of Robbins by Rudolf Walter Leonhardt, pp. 80-82 - PDF
            Encounter, April 1964
            A Devout Totalitarianism by W.G. Lerch, pp. 87-91 - PDF
            Encounter, February 1983
            The Wasted Billions by Abba P. Lerner, pp. 16-18 - PDF
            Encounter, March 1962
            The " Hard-Headed "Frenchman by Daniel Lerner, pp. 27-32 - PDF
            Encounter, March 1957
            I Know the Girl Who Minds the President's Children (Verse) by Laurence Lerner, p. 32 - PDF
            Encounter, October 1967
            [+] Homage to Synge (3 Reviews) by Laurence Lerner, pp. 62-66 - PDF
             The Writings of J. M. Synge, by Robin Skelton, J.M. Synge, ...

              Encounter, January 1972
              [+] Metaphysick (Review) by Laurence Lerner, p. 73 - PDF
               An Accidental Man, by Iris Murdoch

              1. An Accidental Man by Iris Murdoch
              Encounter, June 1972
              [+] Stendhal's Mirror (4 Reviews) by Laurence Lerner, pp. 62-65 - PDF
               Essays in Critical Dissent, by Frederick W. Bateson, ...

                Encounter, December 1972
                [+] Beyond Literature (2 Reviews) by Laurence Lerner, pp. 61-64 - PDF
                 The Tradition of Romantic Morality, by Mark Roberts, ...

                  Encounter, July 1973
                  Poetry by Laurence Lerner, p. 87 - PDF
                  Encounter, February 1974
                  [+] Is Richardson Alive? (Review) by Laurence Lerner, pp. 61-63 - PDF
                   Samuel Richardson: Dramatic Novelist, by Mark Kinkead-Weekes

                  1. Samuel Richardson: Dramatic Novelist by Mark Kinkead-Weekes
                  Encounter, March 1974
                  A Kind of Family Reunion (story) by Laurence Lerner, pp. 3-10 - PDF
                  Encounter, May 1974
                  [+] Browning & Tennyson (4 Reviews) by Laurence Lerner, pp. 60-63 - PDF
                   Robert Browning, by Thomas Blackburn, ...

                    Encounter, July 1974
                    [+] Two Marxists (4 Reviews) by Laurence Lerner, pp. 71-74 - PDF
                     An Opposing Man, by Ernst Fischer, ...

                      Encounter, September 1974
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