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Encounter [Fully Readable] -
38 Years, 424 Issues, 9,315 Articles, 41,008pp: October 1953 to September 1990

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    Saddled with Ginger by Ruth Padel, pp. 47-54 - PDF
    Encounter, November 1980
    Poem by Ruth Padel, p. 91 - PDF
    Encounter, June 1982
    [+] A Portrait of Teiresias (2 Reviews) by Ruth Padel, pp. 44-49 - PDF
     Antigones, by George Steiner, ...

      Encounter, November 1984
      Poem by Bibhu Padhi, p. 29 - PDF
      Encounter, June 1989
      Revenge-Plays & Editors by Shanti Padhi, pp. 59-61 - PDF
      Encounter, January/February 1990
      Four Poems by Dan Pagis, p. 54 - PDF
      Encounter, August 1971
      [+] The New Free Woman with Novel Inside (Review) by George D. Painter, pp. 75-77 - PDF
       Dear Miss Weaver, by Jane Lidderdale, Mary Nicholson

      1. Dear Miss Weaver by Jane Lidderdale and Mary Nicholson
      Encounter, May 1971
      Poem by Frederick Palmer, p. 77 - PDF
      Encounter, July/August 1987
      Poem by William Palmer, p. 59 - PDF
      Encounter, May 1990
      [+] Follow My Leader (7 Reviews) by Lynn Pan, pp. 44-49 - PDF
       Seeds of Fire, by Geremie Barme, John Minford, ...

        Encounter, November 1987
        [+] Art and the Sahib (Review) by Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, p. 89 - PDF
         Indian Painting for the British, 1770-1880, by Mildred Archer, W.G. Archer

        1. Indian Painting for the British, 1770-1880 by Mildred Archer and W.G. Archer
        Encounter, March 1956
        Judges & Brothers by David Pannick, p. 29 - PDF
        Encounter, October 1980
        Of Hard & Easy Cases by David Pannick, pp. 50-58 - PDF
        Encounter, February 1981
        The Case of Georgi Markov by Kyrill Panoff, pp. 15-21 - PDF
        Encounter, November 1979
        Composers and Commissars by Andrzej Panufnik, pp. 3-8 - PDF
        Encounter, March 1955
        Keeping up with M. Sartre by Paul Parisot, pp. 56-58 - PDF
        Encounter, May 1954
        [+] The Worst of Crimes (5 Reviews) by Frank Parkin, pp. 51-55 - PDF
         Poverty in the United Kingdom, by Peter Townsend, ...

          Encounter, March 1980
          As War (Verse) by Thomas Parkinson, p. 52 - PDF
          Encounter, August 1962
          [+] Updating Orwell? (Review) by Patrick Parrinder, pp. 45-52 - PDF
           Nineteen Eighty-Five, by Anthony Burgess

          1. Nineteen Eighty-Five by Anthony Burgess
          Encounter, January 1981
          [+] Letters from the Underworld (Review) by Graham Parry, pp. 78-81 - PDF
           The Unknown Mayhew, by Eileen Yeo, E.P. Thompson, Henry Mayhew

          1. The Unknown Mayhew by Eileen Yeo, E.P. Thompson, and Henry May...
          Encounter, May 1972
          [+] "In War, Resolution..." (4 Reviews) by Anthony Parsons, pp. 50-55 - PDF
           The Middle East: A Handbook, by Michael Adams, ...

            Encounter, November 1988
            Tamil (Verse) by R. Parthasarathy, p. 48 - PDF
            Encounter, October 1972
            Poem by R. Parthasarathy, pp. 89-90 - PDF
            Encounter, January 1982
            The Disorientation of Western Education by Geoffrey Partington, pp. 5-14 - PDF
            Encounter, January 1987
            The Legacy of "a Racist Murder" by Geoffrey Partington, pp. 56-61 - PDF
            Encounter, June 1990
            [+] A Magical Mish-Mash (2 Reviews) by Peter Partner, pp. 46-51 - PDF
             The Knights Templar, by Stephen Howarth, ...

              Encounter, August 1982
              Poetry by Betty Parvin, p. 21 - PDF
              Encounter, December 1976
              Wittgenstein by Fania Pascal, pp. 23-38 - PDF
              Encounter, August 1973
              Communication by Herbert Passin, pp. 71-74 - PDF
              Encounter, February 1955
              Pagodas and Rolling Mills by Herbert Passin, pp. 62-67 - PDF
              Encounter, October 1955
              Headhunters, Watersprites, and Heroes by Herbert Passin, pp. 54-58 - PDF
              Encounter, September 1956
              A Nation of Readers by Herbert Passin, pp. 33-36 - PDF
              Encounter, March 1957
              The Mountain Hermitage Pages from a Japanese Notebook by Herbert Passin, pp. 21-27 - PDF
              Encounter, August 1957
              The Jeevan-Dani by Herbert Passin, pp. 46-54 - PDF
              Encounter, June 1958
              The Ancient Jar of Dahomey by Herbert Passin, pp. 33-39 - PDF
              Encounter, September 1959
              Twenty Years On by Herbert Passin, pp. 64-67 - PDF
              Encounter, May 1989
              The End of Forced Labour?
                The Strike at Norilski by Herbert Passin and Fritz van Briessen,, pp. 53-64 - PDF
              Encounter, April 1956
              Paradise Now by John Passmore, pp. 3-20 - PDF
              Encounter, November 1970
              Removing the Rubbish by John Passmore, pp. 11-24 - PDF
              Encounter, April 1974
              Second Thoughts on a Paradise Lost by John Passmore, pp. 46-47 - PDF
              Encounter, August 1974
              Three Letters by Boris Pasternak, pp. 3-6 - PDF
              Encounter, August 1960
              A Letter (1937) by Boris Pasternak, pp. 92-93 - PDF
              Encounter, October 1964
              Dramatic Fragments by Boris Pasternak, pp. 14-21 - PDF
              Encounter, July 1970
              Document by Jan Patocka, pp. 92-98 - PDF
               Letter from Prague: The Philosophy of "Charter 77"
              Encounter, June 1977
              [+] Transformations of Eros (2 Reviews) by David Paul, pp. 86-90 - PDF
               Sex in History, by Gordon Rattray Taylor, ...

                Encounter, May 1954
                Poetry by Tom Paulin, p. 34 - PDF
                Encounter, December 1976
                Poetry by Tom Paulin, p. 9 - PDF
                Encounter, January 1977
                [+] Incorrigibly Plural: New Novels (4 Reviews) by Tom Paulin, pp. 82-88 - PDF
                 Abba Abba, by Anthony Burgess, ...

                  Encounter, October 1977
                  [+] Against Inherited Culture (2 Reviews) by Tom Paulin, pp. 79-83 - PDF
                   The Novels of George Eliot, by Robert Liddell, ...

                    Encounter, December 1977
                    [+] Talkative Transparencies (5 Reviews) by Tom Paulin, pp. 69-72 - PDF
                     Daniel Martin, by John Fowles, ...

                      Encounter, January 1978
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