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Encounter [Fully Readable] -
38 Years, 424 Issues, 9,315 Articles, 41,008pp: October 1953 to September 1990

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Total Items = 20 
    Hitchcock's Art by Eric Rhode, pp. 39-44 - PDF
    Encounter, October 1963
    Fellini's Double City by Eric Rhode, pp. 44-48 - PDF
    Encounter, June 1964
    Screened Culture by Eric Rhode, pp. 61-65 - PDF
    Encounter, November 1964
    [+] The Hobgoblin Mind (Review) by Eric Rhode, pp. 82-84 - PDF
     Inferno and From An Occult Diary, by August Strindberg, Mary Sandbach

    1. Inferno and From An Occult Diary by August Strindberg and Mary Sandbach
    Encounter, November 1965
    Jean Vigo by Eric Rhode, pp. 37-42 - PDF
    Encounter, February 1966
    Strick's "Ulysses" by Eric Rhode, p. 51 - PDF
    Encounter, August 1967
    Buster Keaton by Eric Rhode, pp. 35-38 - PDF
    Encounter, December 1967
    [+] Hitchcock & Truffaut (Review) by Eric Rhode, pp. 82-85 - PDF
     Hitchcock, by Francois Truffaut, Helen G. Scott

    1. Hitchcock by Francois Truffaut and Helen G. Scott
    Encounter, January 1970
    [+] The Self as Double Agent (8 Reviews) by Eric Rhode, pp. 59-64 - PDF
     Oneness and Separateness, by Louise J. Kaplan, ...

      Encounter, December 1979
      [+] Files Were Started (Review) by Eric Rhode, pp. 47-49 - PDF
       Pandaemonium 1660-1886, by Humphrey Jennings, Mary-Lou Jennings, Charles Madge

      1. Pandaemonium 1660-1886 by Humphrey Jennings, Mary-Lou Jennings, an...
      Encounter, May 1986
      [+] Life Before Words (2 Reviews) by Eric Rhode, pp. 47-51 - PDF
       The Notebooks of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, by Kathleen Coburn, Samuel Taylor Cole...

        Encounter, March 1987
        The Climate of Fear
          --- by Eric Rhode , pp. 8-9 - PDF
        Encounter, December 1987
        [+] Secular Shrines (3 Reviews) by Eric Rhode, p. 56 - PDF
         Safe Space, by Anthony Fry, ...

          Encounter, February 1988
          Art by the Square Yard by Anthony Rhodes, pp. 53-55 - PDF
          Encounter, January 1958
          Letter from Czechoslovakia by Anthony Rhodes, pp. 62-67 - PDF
          Encounter, September 1958
          Gabriele D'Annunzio by Anthony Rhodes, pp. 62-68 - PDF
          Encounter, December 1958
          Letter from Budapest by Anthony Rhodes, pp. 83-92 - PDF
          Encounter, November 1961
          Letter from Prague by Anthony Rhodes, pp. 74-78 - PDF
          Encounter, June 1962
          The Marquis of Pombal by Anthony Rhodes, pp. 18-23 - PDF
          Encounter, July 1976
          Missions to Ireland by Anthony Rhodes, pp. 7-19 - PDF
           The Persico Papers
          Encounter, February 1980
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