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Foreign Affairs Archives
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Tree Summary
  1. [–] Issues of the 1920s
    = 8 Years, 29 Issues, 694 Articles
    1. [–] Issues of 1922
      = 2 Issues, 45 Articles
      1. [+] September 1922 Issue
        = 23 Articles
        1. [–] December 1922 Issue
          = 22 Articles
          1. The Evolution of the Unified Command by Tasker H. Bliss, pp. 1-30 - PDF
          2. Economics and Politics in Europe by Joseph Caillaux, pp. 31-45 - PDF
          3. The Saar Territory as it is Today by Charles H. Haskins, pp. 46-58 - PDF
          4. An English View of Anglo-American Relations by V. , pp. 59-70 - PDF
          5. The United States and the New International Court by Manley O. Hudson, pp. 71-82 - PDF
          6. From Empire to Commonwealth by Philip Kerr, pp. 83-98 - PDF
          7. Germany Since the War by Karl Kautsky, pp. 99-119 - PDF
          8. Principles and Policies in Regard to China by Stanley K. Hornbeck, pp. 120-135 - PDF
          9. The International Policy of Spain by Ramiro de Maeztu, pp. 136-143 - PDF
          10. International Electrical Communications by Walter S. Rogers, pp. 144-158 - PDF
          11. A Note on the Political Map of Turkey by Isaiah Bowman, pp. 159-161 - PDF
          12. [+] Books on the Far East Since the Washington Conference by Kenneth Scott Latourette, pp. 162-168 - PDF
            - 5 Reviews
            1. China at the Conference: A Report by Westel W. Willoughby
            2. The Shantung Question by Ge-Zay Wood
            3. The Washington Conference by Raymond Leslie Buell
            4. Americans in Eastern Asia by Tyler Dennett
            5. The Christian Occupation of China by Milton T. Stauffer
          13. [+] Some Recent Books of International Affairs, by Harry Elmer Barnes, p. 169 - PDF
            - 2 Reviews
            1. The Expansion of Europe by Ramsay Muir
            2. Europe and Beyond by J.A.R. Marriott
          14. [+] Foreign Relations of the United States by Harry Elmer Barnes, p. 169 - PDF
            - 2 Reviews
            1. The Control of American Foreign Relations by Quincy Wright
            2. Latin America and the United States by Graham H. Stuart
          15. [+] Europe by Harry Elmer Barnes, pp. 169-171 - PDF
            - 17 Reviews
            1. Cross Currents in Europe Today by Charles A. Beard
            2. The Struggle for Power in Europe, 1917-1921 by L. Haden Guest
            3. Socialization in Theory and Practice by Heinrich Strobel
            4. Let France Explain by Frederick Bausman
            5. French Public Finance in the Great War and To-Day by Harvey Edward Fisk
            6. The Wreck of Europe by Francesco Saverio Nitti
            7. Modern Italy by Tommaso Tittoni
            8. The Economic Resources of Austria by Karl Hudeczek
            9. The Czechoslovak Republic by Jaroslav Cisar and Frantisek Pokorny
            10. Poland Reborn by Roy Pember-Devereux
            11. Dismembered Hungary by Laszlo Buday
            12. Eminent Europeans by Eugene S. Bagger
            13. The A.B.C. of Communism by Nikolai I. Bukharin and E. Preobrazhe...
            14. The Russian Turmoil by Anton I. Denikin
            15. The Second Year of the League by Harold W.V. Temperley
            16. The Genoa Conference by J. Saxon Mills
            17. Reparations, Trade and Foreign Exchange by L.L.B. Angas
          16. [+] The British Empire by Harry Elmer Barnes, p. 172 - PDF
            - 4 Reviews
            1. The Fiscal and Diplomatic Freedom of the British Oversea Dominions by Edward Porritt and David Kinley
            2. The Organization of a Britannic Partnership by Reginald Allen Eastwood
            3. The Political Institutions and Theories of the Hindus by Benoy Kumar Sarkar
            4. Gandhi and Anarchy by C. Sankaran Nair
          17. [+] The Near East by Harry Elmer Barnes, p. 172 - PDF
            - 4 Reviews
            1. The Western Question in Greece and Turkey by Arnold J. Toynbee
            2. Speaking of the Turks by Mufaty-Zade K. Zia Bey
            3. The History of the Balkan Peninsula by Ferdinand Schevill
            4. The Heart of Arabia by H.St.J.B. Philby
          18. [+] Africa by Harry Elmer Barnes, p. 173 - PDF
            - 3 Reviews
            1. Secret History of the English Occupation of Egypt by Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
            2. The Sudan in Revolution by Percy F. Martin
            3. Education in Africa by Thomas Jesse Jones
          19. [+] The Far East by Harry Elmer Barnes, p. 173 - PDF
            - 5 Reviews
            1. The Rising Temper of the East by Frazier Hunt
            2. The International Development of China by Sun Yat-Sen
            3. China Awakened by Min-Ch'ien T.Z. Tyau
            4. The Shantung Question by Ge-Zay Wood
            5. War and Armament Loans of Japan by Ushisaburo Kobayashi
          20. [+] Latin America by Harry Elmer Barnes, p. 173 - PDF
            - 2 Reviews
            1. History of the Latin-American Nations by William Spence Robertson
            2. The New Latin America by Jacob Warshaw
          21. [+] Miscellaneous by Harry Elmer Barnes, p. 173 - PDF
            - 3 Reviews
            1. The Northward Course of Empire by Vilhjalmur Stefansson
            2. The Trend of History by William Kay Wallace
            3. The World at the Cross Roads by Boris Leo Brasol
          22. Source Material by Denys P. Myers, pp. 174-184 - PDF
            1. The Northward Course of Empire by Vilhjalmur Stefansson
            2. The Trend of History by William Kay Wallace
            3. The World at the Cross Roads by Boris Leo Brasol
      2. [+] Issues of 1923
        = 4 Issues, 89 Articles
        1. [+] Issues of 1924
          = 4 Issues, 86 Articles
          1. [+] Issues of 1925
            = 3 Issues, 70 Articles
            1. [+] Issues of 1926
              = 4 Issues, 99 Articles
              1. [+] Issues of 1927
                = 4 Issues, 99 Articles
                1. [+] Issues of 1928
                  = 4 Issues, 102 Articles
                  1. [+] Issues of 1929
                    = 4 Issues, 104 Articles
                  2. [+] Issues of the 1930s
                    = 10 Years, 40 Issues, 1,051 Articles
                    1. [+] Issues of the 1940s
                      = 10 Years, 38 Issues, 973 Articles
                      1. [+] Issues of the 1950s
                        = 10 Years, 37 Issues, 925 Articles
                        1. [+] Issues of the 1960s
                          = 10 Years, 40 Issues, 993 Articles
                          1. [+] Issues of the 1970s
                            = 10 Years, 38 Issues, 878 Articles
                            1. [+] Issues of the 1980s
                              = 10 Years, 50 Issues, 992 Articles
                              1. [+] Issues of the 1990s
                                = 10 Years, 52 Issues, 1,199 Articles
                                1. [+] Issues of the 2000s
                                  = 2 Years, 11 Issues, 254 Articles
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