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    Ludendorff: Genius of World War I, by Donald J. Goodspeed
    1. Ludendorff: Genius of World War I by Donald J. Goodspeed
    The Saturday Review
    , October 22, 1966, p. 59 - PDF
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    (11 Reviews)
    General: Military, Technical and Scientific
    1. Escalation and the Nuclear Option by Bernard Brodie
    2. On the Uses of Military Power in the Nuclear Age by Klaus Knorr
    3. United States in a Disarmed World by Arnold Wolfers, Robert E. Osgood, Pau...
    4. Containing the Arms Race by Jeremy J. Stone
    5. The Secret Surrender by Allen W. Dulles
    6. The Atomic Bomb and the End of World War II by Herbert Feis
    7. Battles Lost and Won by Hanson W. Baldwin
    8. The St. Pierre and Miquelon Affaire of 1941 by Douglas G. Anglin
    9. A Short History of World War II, 1939-45 by Peter Young
    10. Ludendorff: Genius of World War I by Donald J. Goodspeed
    11. The Sky on Fire by Raymond H. Fredette
    Foreign Affairs
    , January 1967, p. 365