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  • The New Democracy (1934) by Harold L. Ickes
    6 Reviews, 2 Readable
  • Published Reviews
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    1. Books 
      (10 Reviews)
      The Challenge to Liberty, by Herbert Hoover
      1. The Challenge to Liberty by Herbert Hoover
      2. It's Up to Us by James P. Warburg
      3. Roosevelt Versus Recovery by Ralph Robey
      4. Do We Want Fascism? by Carmen Haider
      5. The New Democracy by Harold L. Ickes
      6. A Short History of the New Deal by Louis M. Hacker
      7. The Quest for Security by Isaac M. Rubinow
      8. New Federal Organizations by Laurence F. Schmeckebier
      9. The Budget in Governments of Today by A.E. Buck
      10. Crisis Government by Lindsay Rogers
      , January 11, 1935, pp. 321-323
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      (3 Reviews)
      Public Questions
      1. The Open Door at Home by Charles A. Beard and G.H.E. Smith
      2. Without Gloves by Frank R. Kent
      3. The New Democracy by Harold L. Ickes
      The American Mercury
      , February 1935 - PDF
    3. [+]
      The New Democracy, by Harold L. Ickes
      1. The New Democracy by Harold L. Ickes
      The Saturday Review
      , November 3, 1934, p. 253 - PDF
    4. [+]
      The New Democracy, by Harold L. Ickes
      1. The New Democracy by Harold L. Ickes
      The New Republic
      , November 21, 1934, p. 52
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      (16 Reviews)
      International Relations of the United States
      1. The Study of International Relations in the United States by Edith Ellen Ware
      2. The American Diplomatic Game by Drew Pearson and Constantine Brown
      3. Friendly Relations by Beckles Willson
      4. Autopsy of the Monroe Doctrine by Raul Diez de Medina
      5. The State Papers and Other Public Writings of Herbert Hoover by William S. Myers and Herbert Hoover
      6. Bliss, Peacemaker by Frederick Palmer and Tasker Howard Bliss
      7. An Admiral from Texas by Henry Ariosto Wiley
      8. True Anecdotes of an Admiral by Robert E. Coontz
      9. American Militarism by Elbridge Colby
      10. The New Democracy by Harold L. Ickes
      11. What of Tomorrow? by Ogden L. Mills
      12. The New America by Arthur Steel-Maitland
      13. The Economic Consequences of the New Deal by Benjamin Stolberg and Warren Jay Vinton
      14. The Battle for Democracy by Rexford Guy Tugwell
      15. Labor's Fight for Power by George E. Sokolsky
      16. Taming Philippine Headhunters by Felix M. Keesing and Marie Keesing
      Foreign Affairs
      , April 1935, pp. 526-527
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      (5 Reviews)
      America's Hour of Decision, by Glenn Frank
      1. America's Hour of Decision by Glenn Frank
      2. New Frontiers by Henry A. Wallace
      3. The New Democracy by Harold L. Ickes
      4. The New Deal in Action by Schuyler C. Wallace
      5. Beyond the New Deal by David Lawrence
      The Nation
      , December 5, 1934, pp. 653-654