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Inquiry, June 12, 1978 Issue PDF - Previous Issue / Next Issue
by The Cato Institute - 13 Articles, 36pp

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year o f his presidency,
Jimmy Carter has given no
real indication that he intends
to keep the fundamental
promise o f his campaign-
government reorganization.
In fact, as Marjorie Boyd
establishes beyond
reasonable doubt in this
issue's cover story,
reorganization is Little
more than a shell game:
TI'he evidence mounts," writes
Boyd, "that what Carter is
seeking is an illusion o f
government reorganization
rather than the real thing."
Carter's big lie
NATO and the
Soviet Scare
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INQUIRY MAGAZINE, Volume I , Number I5,
June 12, 1978. Published biweekly except
f o r the second half of August and Seplember. INQUIRY
is published at I701 N . Fort Myer Drive, Arlington,
V A 22209. Application lo mail at second-class postage
rates is pending at Arlington, V A and additional
mailing ofices. Annual subscription price: $17.50;
single copy price: $1.25. Overseas subscription price:
$27.50 suurfce mail; $50.00 airmail. Send subscription
requests and address corrections to: P.O. Box 19270,
Washington, D C 20036. Copyright 1978 by Cat0
Institute, 1700 Montgomery St., San Francisco,
CA 94111. ISSN No. 0148-5008.
What we want to know is,
Who c ~ n t e s after Magnuson? . The high point of [Carter's] trip was
a visit to Spokane, Wash., at which Mr.
Carter received a tumultuous welcome
from a crowd of 20,000 people. The
demonstration had been organized by
Senator Warren G. Magnuson, Demo-
crat of Washington, who will soon be-
come president pro tem of the Senate,
third in line of succession to the
Presidency. . . .
"I wouldn't want anything to hap-
pen to the President of the United
States, even though I might be in some
line of succession," he told the crowd at
Riverfront Park. " I t probably will
never happen, but it's nice to think
about, anyway."
-New firk Times, Mq 7, 1978
Butwhat about noise pollution? . The Carter Administration has
asked Congress to approve funds to de-
velop a new nuclear bomb.. . . The
new bomb, called the RRR bomb for
"reduced residual radiation" by the
Pentagon, would be used to demolish
structures, dig craters or destroy
mountain passes, tssks once assigned to
the atomic demolition mines in the nu-
clear stockpile.
"This is the original idea of a 'clean
bomb,' " a government nuclear
weapons expert said Friday. "It is a
blast weapon designed to create a
minimum amount of fallout . . . and
suppress irradiation of the soil."
During the neutron weapons debate,
government spokesmen described that
weapon as "clean" because it cut down
on blast and heat, producing instead
greater radiation.
-Los Angeles Times, Apr. 30, 1978
What human rights
means to me, by Jimmy Carter . After General [Carlos Humbertol
Romero took office here [in El Sal-
vador] last July, after elections five
months earlier that are widely consid-
ered to have been fraudulent, Washing-
ton withheld its approval of a $90 mil-
lion Inter-American Development
when the Government responded by
Bank loan for a major dam . . . But
permitting some protest marches and
strikes and by arguing that the real vio-
lators of human rights here were leftist
guerrillas, Washington reacted sympa-
thetically and approved the loan. . .
Within one month, saying that it
needed stronger legal instruments to
combat terrorism, the Government
adopted a sweeping "law to defend and
guarantee public order," which au-
thorized it to ban public assemblies or
political meetings, to break up strikes
and to jail anyone criticizing the
The day after the law was approved,
the new United States Ambassador
here, Frank J. Devine, . . . stated: "We
believe any government has the full
right and obligation to use all legal
means a t its disposal to combat
-New firk Times, Mq 8, 1978
Oh well, then,
let's get on with it . It's inaccurate thinking to say that
the use of nuclear weapons would be
the end of the human race. That's an
egocentric thought. Of course, it's hor-
rendous to contemplate, but, in strictly
statistical terms, if the United States
used up all of its arsenal in the Soviet
Union and the Soviet Union used up all
ofits against the United States, it would
not be the end of humanity. That's
egocentric. There are other people on
the earth. I don't know if it's a good
thing or a bad thing to say that this
notion is wrong, but I know it is wrong
Yorker, My I , I978
Lost in the shuffle . The Department of Health, Educa-
tion and Welfare misspent $6.3 billion
to $7.4 billion in fiscal 1977 due to
waste, fraud and abuse, its Office of
Inspector General said Monday.
-Los Angeles Times, Apr. 4, 1978
Oh, shut up, Lowell . At a Washington party celebrating
Israel's 30th birthday, Senator Lowell
Weicker (R.-Conn.) told the audience:
"We know from history that time and
again, when national leaders ran into
difficulties, they found it convenient to
blame their problems on Jews. If there
is a meaningful distinction between
those historical proclivities and the
signals which National Security Ad-
viser Zbigniew Brzezinski is sending
today, I don't know what it is."
-Los Angeles Times, May IO, 1978 1

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