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Inquiry, March 6, 1978 Issue PDF - Previous Issue / Next Issue
by The Cato Institute - 12 Articles, 36pp

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father of a generation. As
Michael Rossman writes in the
first o f four articles about
Goodman in this issue's book
section, "He touched my life as
he touched my generation, our
time: persistently, with blunt
grace and small hope o f heed,
always with more than we
could readily digest-some
deep integrity o f vision and
purpose as a social man, more
radical than each particular
flood of his opinions and
ideas." The editors o f lNQUlRY
also remember Paul Goodman
-humanist, radical, his own
man-and we dedicate this
issue to his memory and to
his work.
Can Congress crack the
Kennedy assassination?
Inquiries ............................. p . 2
Therapeutic State ...............p. 3
Dispatch .............................. p . 5
Corporate State..................p. 6
Politics ................................ p . 8
Books .................................. p . 17
Poetry ................................. p . 27
Film ..................................... p . 29
Music ................................... p . 30
Classifieds .......................... p . 31
Letters.................................p. 32
INQUIRY MAGAZINE, Volume I , Number 8,
March 6, 1978. Published biweekly except
f o r the second h a y .f July and August. INQUIRY
is published at 1701 N . Fort Myer Drive, Arlington,
VA 22209. Application to mail at second-clars postage
rates is pending at Arlington, VA and additional
mailing ofices. Annual subscription price: $17.50;
single copy pnce: $1.25. Send subsmption requests
and address correctionr to: P.O. Box 19270,
Washington, DC 20036. Copyright 1978 c!y Cat0
Iwtitute, 1700 Montgomety St., San Francisco,
CA 94111. ISSN No. 0148-5008.
And i f that doesn't work,
try the x-ing laws . The American Jewish Congress, con-
cerned by anguished reports from
Jewish parents of young people in-
volved in a variety of new religious
groups, has started a nationwide cam-
paign to gather information on the
groups and to press for legal and legis-
Mrs. [Naomi] Levine said the AJC
was particularly interested in using the
Fair Labor Standards Act, which regu-
lates rates of pay and hours that em-
ployees can work, to start lawsuits
against any of the sects [such as
the Unification Church or Jews for
Jesus] that parents have complained
about. . . .
"We want to find ways to impair
their activity that do not infringe on
religious liberty," she said. "We pride
ourselves in being very creative
lawyers, and we are going to search to
see if there is anything that can be
lative action against their activities. . . .
-New York Times, Jan. 26, 1978
Old soldiers don't fade a w a y . . .
Military retirement payments will
total $9.1 billion this year and are ex-
pected to increase by about one-third
by the year 2000.
-United Press, Jan. 12, 1978
... they j u s t doubledip . Thomas Lemuel Johns earns $47,025
a year as administrative officer and se-
curity coordinator for the Department
of Health, Education, and Welfare.
Johns also gets monthly pension checks
that total $3 1,200 a year for his 2 1 years
with the Secret Service (he was head of
the White House detail). So Johns' an-
nual income of $78,225-which is
completely legal-puts him above his
boss, HEW secretary Joseph A. Califano
($66,000), and he also tops the wages of
Vice President Mondale ($75,000). Re-
cent reports say Johns' double-dipping
probably makes him the second highest
paid employee of the federal govern-
ment. But Eileen Shanahan, HEW'S as-
sistant secretary for public affairs, says
that's not true. "Ofthe 14 1,000 military
retirees who are now working elsewhere
in the government, there may be a great
many whose combined pensions and
current salaries exceed his."
-Los Angeles Times, Feb. I , 1978
The plane was going anyway
Defense Secretary Harold Brown and
his wife flew military planes to and from
Puerto Rico for a naval site inspection
and a one-week winter vacation with-
out reimbursing the government for air
fare, the Armed Forces Journal re-
ported. The Pentagon. said part of
Brown's trip was official business and it
was "regular practice" for the wife of a
defense secretary to accompany him
free of charge.
-Los Angeles Times, Jan. 29, 1978
Four more years . A key Democratic rule-making
group, with White House aides taking a
leading role, recommended today a se-
ries of changes in the Presidential
nominating process that would elimi-
nate the early Iowa caucuses that gave
President Carter his start two years
The package of recommendations,
interpreted by supporters and critics as
intended to hinder any Democratic
challenge to Mr. Carter's renomination
in 1980, would go before the Democra-
tic National Committee for action,
probably in April.
-New York Times, Jan. 23, 1978
But they know it won't be less . The Army expects to buy more than
7,000 Chrysler Corp. XMl tanks, more
than double the initial purchase plan.
Original plans called for the Army to
buy 3,325 ofthe tanks for $4.9 billion; it
hasn't yet calculated the cost of the ex-
panded purchase.
-Wall Street Journal, Feb, I , 1978
Not to U)OFT~( . The Fiscal 1979 budget submitted to
Congress last week by President Jimmy
Carter offers substantial business for
aerospace. Although generally charac-
terized by veteran Washington budget
analysts as a "caretaker budget" that
continues the mixture as before and of-
fers few strides in new directions, it does
show a small but genuine increase in
both defense and aerospace spending.
It is certainly not the major $6-7 billion
defense budget slash trumpeted by
candidate Jimmy Carter in his presi-
dential campaign rhetoric.
-Aviation Week, Jan. 30, 1978 1

Table of Contents
Therapeutic StateDispatchCorporate StatePoliticsMusic
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