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  • The Case for Basic Education (1959) by James D. Koerner
    A Program of Aims for Public Schools
    2 Reviews, 1 Readable
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      (25 Reviews)
      The Adams-Jefferson Letters, by Lester J. Cappon, Thomas Jefferson, a...
      1. The Adams-Jefferson Letters by Lester J. Cappon, Thomas Jefferson, a...
      2. 1859: Entering an Age of Crisis~~Eighteen Fifty-Nine: Entering an Age of Crisis by Philip Appleman, William A. Madden, a...
      3. The End of American Innocence by Henry F. May
      4. Six Allies and a Neutral by Lloyd A. Free
      5. Winslow Homer by Lloyd Goodrich
      6. Thomas Eakins by Fairfield Porter
      7. Albert P. Ryder by Lloyd Goodrich
      8. Willem de Kooning by Thomas B. Hess
      9. Stuart Davis by E.C. Goossen
      10. Jackson Pollock by Frank O'Hara
      11. Athens in the Age of Pericles by Charles Alexander Robinson, Jr.
      12. The Stones of Florence by Mary McCarthy
      13. The Natural History of Love by Morton M. Hunt
      14. Nature and Man's Fate by Garrett Hardin
      15. The Ocean of Air by David I. Blumenstock
      16. Controls for Outer Space and the Antarctic Analogy by Philip C. Jessup and Howard J. Tauben...
      17. Education in the Age of Science by Brand Blanshard
      18. The Case for Basic Education by James D. Koerner
      19. Boswell for the Defence, 1769-1774 by James Boswell, William K. Wimsatt, Jr...
      20. The Idea of Poetry in France by Margaret Gilman
      21. Four Poets on Poetry by Don Cameron Allen
      22. Pretexts by Andre Gide and Justin O'Brien
      23. Howells: His Life and World by Van Wyck Brooks
      24. The Waterbury Record by R.L. Duffus
      25. Faulkner in the University by Frederick L. Gwynn and Joseph L. Blotner
      The American Scholar
      , Spring 1960, pp. 252-269
    2. [+]
      The Case for Basic Education, by James D. Koerner
      1. The Case for Basic Education by James D. Koerner
      The Freeman
      , February 1960, pp. 55-57 - PDF