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The Libertarian Review Archives
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  • A growing band of tax resisters have decided that they can pit the Constitution against...
    The Libertarian Review
    , April 1981, pp. 33-37 - PDF
  • Readable PDF

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    Tree Summary
    1. [+] Issues of the 1970s
      = 6 Years, 46 Issues, 640 Articles
      1. [–] Issues of the 1980s
        = 2 Years, 21 Issues, 242 Articles
        1. [+] Issues of 1980
          = 10 Issues, 108 Articles
          1. [–] Issues of 1981
            = 11 Issues, 134 Articles
            1. [+] January 1981 Issue
              = 9 Articles
              1. [+] February 1981 Issue
                = 10 Articles
                1. [+] March 1981 Issue
                  = 14 Articles
                  1. [–] April 1981 Issue
                    = 12 Articles
                    1. Letters to LR, pp. 4-5 - PDF
                    2. LR Editorials, pp. 6-7 - PDF
                    3. Political Eye by Chris Hocker, pp. 8-9 - PDF
                    4. Free Heritage: Robert LeFevre by Vern Hansen, p. 10 - PDF
                    5. A personal tribute by Roy A. Childs, Jr., pp. 10-13 - PDF
                    6. The Reagan Restoration by Earl C. Ravenal, pp. 14-19 - PDF
                    7. El Salvador by Roy A. Childs, Jr., pp. 20-27 - PDF
                    8. Terrorizing America: How the IRS Threatens Our Liberties by Robert James Lee, pp. 28-32 - PDF
                    9. Preaching at the Juggernaut: The Constitution and the IRS by Joan Kennedy Taylor, pp. 33-37 - PDF
                    10. [+] A theology for capitalism by Tyler Cowen, pp. 38-39 - PDF
                      - 1 Review
                      1. Wealth and Poverty by George Gilder
                    11. [+] The War and the intellectuals by Justus D. Doenecke, pp. 40-42 - PDF
                      - 1 Review
                      1. Holding Fast the Inner Lines by Stephen L. Vaughn
                    12. [+] The women by David Brudnoy, pp. 43-48 - PDF
                      - 2 Reviews
                      1. Private Benjamin (1980 Film) by Howard Zieff
                      2. The Competition (1980 Film) by Joel Oliansky
                  2. [+] May 1981 Issue
                    = 9 Articles
                    1. [+] June 1981 Issue
                      = 13 Articles
                      1. [+] July 1981 Issue
                        = 14 Articles
                        1. [+] August 1981 Issue
                          = 13 Articles
                          1. [+] September 1981 Issue
                            = 14 Articles
                            1. [+] October 1981 Issue
                              = 12 Articles
                              1. [+] December 1981 Issue
                                = 14 Articles
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                            This section provides a display of the individual pages contained in the particular items, and if readable, clicking on a particular one opens that PDF. The Entire PDF of that item may be opened by clicking the Readable PDF toggle.
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                             p. 36
                             p. 37