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The L Word -
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    L' Chaim
    The L Word: Season 2, Episode 12
    Forced to put her dad in a nursing home, Bette turns to Tina for support. Repressed memories haunt a confused Jenny, and Alice turns into the green-eyed monster when Dana meets her ex-girlfriend. Ossie Davis guest stars.
    44:00 - Netflix, 2005
    Labia Majora
    The L Word: Season 3, Episode 1
    Season three gets rolling with new parents Tina and Bette trying to fit romance in around diaper changes and feeding times. Meanwhile, an angry Alice gets behind the wheel, Helena ventures into the film industry and Jenny decide...
    57:00 - Netflix, 2006
    The L Word: Season 2, Episode 5
    Things heat up between Alice and Dana, but Bette and Tina hit a bump in their attempt to reconcile. Shane starts work for Hollywood power player Veronica Bloom, and Jenny has a really good hair day. Charles S. Dutton and Camryn ...
    54:00 - Netflix, 2005
    The L Word: Season 2, Episode 13
    Bette's life turns upside down when an unexpected guest attends her father's funeral; she's fired from her job; and Tina undergoes a difficult labor. Meanwhile, Jenny finally seeks help. Gloria Steinem and Holland Taylor guest s...
    56:00 - Netflix, 2005
    Lacy Lilting Lyrics
    The L Word: Season 4, Episode 9
    Alice's apartment turns into a counseling center when Phyllis's distraught husband drops by unannounced to seek advice and sympathy. Elsewhere, Bette struggles to keep her jealousy in check when Jodi's ex-partner reenters the pi...
    55:00 - Netflix, 2007
    Lady of the Lake
    The L Word: Season 5, Episode 3
    While Tina's dating life takes a turn for the better, Shane decides to give sex a rest and redirect her energies toward exercise. Helena's mother pays her a visit in prison, and Tasha prepares to face allegations of "homosexual ...
    53:00 - Netflix, 2008
    Lagrimas de Oro
    The L Word: Season 2, Episode 6
    As Tina weighs her feelings for Helena, Kit scores with Benjamin, and Jenny gets closer to Carmen. Meanwhile, frustrated Alice takes a stand, causing Tonya to drop a bomb on Dana. Sandra Bernhard, Charles S. Dutton and Melissa R...
    50:00 - Netflix, 2005
    Land Ahoy
    The L Word: Season 2, Episode 10
    Dana, Alice, Shane, Jenny and Carmen hit the high seas on a lesbian cruise to the Caribbean. Back on dry land, Kit and Bette try to get reacquainted with their estranged father. Ossie Davis and Charles S. Dutton guest star.
    56:00 - Netflix, 2005
    Lap Dance
    The L Word: Season 2, Episode 2
    Change continues to rock the group as Tina brings in a high-profile lawyer to handle the legal issues regarding her split from Bette; Kit Porter becomes owner of the group's home base cafe, the Planet; and Jenny confronts Robin.
    54:00 - Netflix, 2005
    The L Word: Season 4, Episode 3
    Bette's life is complicated enough, considering she's sleeping with a teaching assistant. But then Phyllis decides to come out as a lesbian. Meanwhile, Jenny seeks revenge on the reviewer who trashed her book, and Shane finds He...
    46:00 - Netflix, 2007
    Last Dance
    The L Word: Season 3, Episode 11
    When the friends are shunned by Dana's family at her funeral, Alice decides to hold a memorial service so the group can properly honor their dear friend. Bette mulls over fighting for custody of Angelica, and Alice helps a distr...
    46:00 - Netflix, 2006
    Late Comer
    The L Word: Season 3, Episode 8
    Jenny decides to hold a fundraiser to help with Moira's medical expenses, and Helena plans a group trip to celebrate Dana's recovery. Meanwhile, Tina must find a new place to sleep, and a hit-maker helps Kit out in the recording...
    58:00 - Netflix, 2006
    Late, Later, Latent
    The L Word: Season 2, Episode 9
    Jenny hits the jackpot when she learns the surprising truth about macho television star Burr Connor and uncovers juicy news about Carmen and Shane. Meanwhile, Alice shocks Dana with a bedroom-related request, and Bette and Tina ...
    56:00 - Netflix, 2005
    Laydown the Law
    The L Word: Season 5, Episode 8
    When rumors about Niki's sexuality concern her publicists, they insist she attend the premiere of her big action flick with a male companion, hoping to quell talk of her relationship with Jenny. Meanwhile, Tasha faces trial.
    52:00 - Netflix, 2008
    The L Word: Season 4, Episode 4
    With a wary eye on Phyllis and Alice's relationship, Bette uses her diplomatic skills to smooth out a dispute with an important donor. Oscar winner Marlee Matlin joins the cast as resident artist Jodi Lerner, a deaf woman with s...
    50:00 - Netflix, 2007
    Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way
    The L Word: Season 3, Episode 9
    After throwing a benefit party for Moira/Max, Jenny begins to wonder if she can handle the transformation and decides to join a support group. Meanwhile, Dana gains a new outlook, Bette tries Buddhism and Carmen finally comes ou...
    55:00 - Netflix, 2006
    Left Hand of the Goddess
    The L Word: Season 3, Episode 12
    Still reeling from Dana's death, the friends throw themselves into organizing Carmen and Shane's wedding. In between the planning, Shane reunites with her estranged family, Kit gets some surprising news, and Bette and Tina's cus...
    58:00 - Netflix, 2006
    Legend in the Making
    The L Word: Season 4, Episode 1
    Determined to get custody of her daughter, Bette kidnaps her baby and runs as far away from Tina as she can get. Elsewhere, Shane returns to her self-destructive ways after leaving a bewildered Carmen at the altar.
    52:00 - Netflix, 2007
    Lesbians Gone Wild!
    The L Word: Season 5, Episode 7
    Niki's agent and the production team on Lez Girls struggle to rein in their star, whose actions on and off the set are causing problems. Tasha encounters the military attorney prosecuting her case, the hardened Col. Gillian Davi...
    49:00 - Netflix, 2008
    Lesson Number One
    The L Word: Season 4, Episode 7
    After losing a high-stakes game of poker, Helena is $50,000 in debt to Catherine, who suggests she could pay it off by getting naked. Meanwhile, Alice tries her best to comfort Tasha, who is haunted by memories of Iraq.
    50:00 - Netflix, 2007
    Let's Get This Party Started
    The L Word: Season 5, Episode 4
    The lack of sex is taking its toll on Shane, who struggles to maintain her self-imposed celibacy. Meanwhile, the newest Bond girl vies for the lead in Jenny's film, and a hot new lesbian bar opens to compete with the Planet.
    49:00 - Netflix, 2008
    Lexington and Concord
    The L Word: Season 4, Episode 8
    When it comes to politics, Alice and Tasha find they can't agree on much. But they don't have any problems with sexual chemistry. Elsewhere, Shane and Paige are edging toward a consummated relationship, and Helena is sinking dee...
    48:00 - Netflix, 2007
    Lez Girls
    The L Word: Season 4, Episode 5
    It's awkward, to say the least, when Helena attempts to cater a party at Phyllis's house and Alice meets Phyllis's husband, Leonard. Later on, the awkwardness continues when Tina catches Angus in a compromising position with the...
    52:00 - Netflix, 2007
    LGB Tease
    The L Word: Season 5, Episode 1
    Shane gets nervous about moving in with Paige and must face the fallout. Jenny returns from a trip to Mexico with a billionaire investor and a scheme to snag the director's chair for the film version of Lez Girls .
    54:00 - Netflix, 2008
    Life, Loss, Leaving
    The L Word: Season 2, Episode 1
    The second season kicks off with desperate Bette begging Tina to forgive her, unaware that Tina's keeping a shocking secret from everyone. Meanwhile, Alice and Dana keep things on the down low, and Jenny struggles with Tim's dep...
    55:00 - Netflix, 2005
Total Items = 49  ALL FIRST PREVIOUS  1   2  NEXT LAST / By 25 By 50
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