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Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 -
20 Videos = 16 hours - From Netflix Channel, 1984 - Previous Item / Next Item

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    Birds of a Feather
    Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 : Episode 5
    Jessica travels to San Francisco for her niece's wedding. After learning that the bride has cold feet, Jessica is pulled into an investigation involving infidelity, risque nightclubs and murder. Martin Landau and Gabe Kaplan gue...
    48:00 - Netflix, 1984
    Broadway Malady
    Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 : Episode 14
    When a Broadway musical starring legendary actress Rita Bristol and her daughter becomes a stage for murder, Jessica sets out to uncover the truth and catch the perpetrator. Vivian Blaine, Milton Berle and Lorna Luft guest star.
    48:00 - Netflix, 1984
    Capitol Offense
    Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 : Episode 13
    When a congressman dies midterm, Jessica heads to Washington to fill his seat and gets a crash course in the dark side of politics. A secretary is then murdered, and Jessica aids D.C. detective Mendelsohn in the investigation.
    46:00 - Netflix, 1984
    Deadly Lady
    Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 : Episode 4
    Jessica returns home to Cabot Cove, Maine, where she investigates the disappearance of a rich man who, according to his daughters, drowned in a boating accident. The mystery takes an intriguing turn when a local vagrant turns up...
    48:00 - Netflix, 1984
    Death Casts a Spell
    Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 : Episode 12
    After hypnotizing six reporters in a locked room, the Amazing Cagliostro is stabbed to death. The reporters claim they can't remember anything, but Jessica is certain that one of them is the killer. Jose Ferrer and Robert Loggia...
    48:00 - Netflix, 1984
    Death Takes a Curtain Call
    Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 : Episode 11
    Jessica accompanies friend Leo Peterson to Boston to see his grandniece perform with a Russian ballet company and winds up tangling with the KGB when two would-be defectors are accused of killing a security guard. William Conrad...
    48:00 - Netflix, 1984
    Footnote to Murder
    Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 : Episode 20
    At a literary convention, a much-despised author is killed and his scandalous manuscript is stolen. Jessica must sort through a number of suspects, including one of her friends. Robert Reed and Kenneth Mars guest star.
    48:00 - Netflix, 1984
    Funeral at Fifty-Mile
    Murder, She Wrote: Season 1
    In Wyoming, Jessica is drawn into a case in which a man who inherited a rich rancher's entire estate is found dead, hanging in a barn. The police rule the man's death a suicide, but Jessica believes it was murder and decides to ...
    48:16 - Netflix, 1984
    Hit, Run and Homicide
    Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 : Episode 9
    Strange things are afoot in Cabot Cove when a man is run over by a driverless car and his associate turns up dead. Jessica sets out to uncover the truth when her inventor friend becomes the main suspect. Van Johnson and June All...
    48:00 - Netflix, 1984
    Hooray for Homicide
    Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 : Episode 6
    Jessica learns that major changes are being made to the film version of her mystery novel. She heads to Hollywood to confront the producer, but when the man is murdered, she becomes the main suspect. John Astin guest stars.
    48:00 - Netflix, 1984
    It's a Dog's Life
    Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 : Episode 7
    Jessica visits a relative in Virginia's horse country and winds up investigating the mysterious death of estate owner Denton Langley. Langley wills his entire fortune to his dog, but his family has plans of their own. Lynn Redgr...
    48:00 - Netflix, 1984
    Lovers and Other Killers
    Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 : Episode 8
    A lecture series in Seattle turns into a murder mystery when Jessica's secretary is accused of killing a woman. Jessica believes he's innocent, but the investigation takes an abrupt turn when another woman is killed. Peter Grave...
    46:00 - Netflix, 1984
    Murder at the Oasis
    Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 : Episode 23
    Jessica travels to a swanky desert resort for her college reunion and winds up investigating the murder of her former roommate's ex-husband, a famous star with plenty of enemies. Joey Bishop, Piper Laurie and Joseph Bottoms gues...
    48:00 - Netflix, 1984
    The Murder of Sherlock Holmes (Pilot)
    Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 : Episode 1
    Retired schoolteacher Jessica Fletcher learns her mystery novel will be published and heads to New York for a publicity tour. Jessica gets her first crack at solving a real crime when a man is murdered at a costume party. Ned Be...
    1:33:00 - Netflix, 1984
    Murder Takes the Bus
    Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 : Episode 21
    Jessica and Sheriff Tupper board a bus heading to Portland, Maine. When a passenger who was recently released from prison is murdered, Jessica must determine the killer from a long list of suspects. Linda Blair and Rue McClanaha...
    49:00 - Netflix, 1984
    My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean
    Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 : Episode 16
    Jessica's niece Pamela takes a cruise to recuperate from her husband's shocking death. But strange occurrences have Pamela wondering if her husband is still alive, so Jessica investigates. Belinda Montgomery and Leslie Nielsen g...
    48:00 - Netflix, 1984
    Paint Me a Murder
    Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 : Episode 17
    On a gorgeous Mediterranean island retreat, someone attempts -- not once, but twice -- to kill famous artist Diego Santana. Jessica struggles to sift the truth from a set of overly conspicuous clues. Cesar Romero and Robert Goul...
    48:00 - Netflix, 1984
    Sudden Death
    Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 : Episode 19
    Jessica becomes part-owner of a professional football team. When the team's controversial owner is killed in the locker room, the plucky mystery writer turned sleuth sets out to catch the killer. Bruce Jenner and Dick Butkus gue...
    48:00 - Netflix, 1984
    Tough Guys Don't Die
    Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 : Episode 18
    When private eye Archie Miles is shot and killed, Jessica joins Archie's partner, hard-nosed Boston detective Harry McGraw, in solving the case. The investigation leads to a long-lasting friendship between the two sleuths. Jerry...
    48:00 - Netflix, 1984
    We're Off to Kill the Wizard
    Murder, She Wrote: Season 1 : Episode 10
    Jessica takes a trip to Chicago and meets amusement park owner Horatio Baldwin, who wants to adapt her books into a house of horrors attraction. When Baldwin is found dead, Jessica reluctantly agrees to investigate. James Coco g...
    48:00 - Netflix, 1984
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