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    The A-Team / 1983-1986
    When intrepid reporter Amy Allen finally tracks down the elusive A-Team, a vigilante group of four Vietnam vets on the run for a crime they didn't commit, she hires them to find a colleague who's been captured by Mexican criminals.
    5 Seasons, 84 Episodes = 67 hours - Netflix
    Aaahh!!! Real Monsters / 1994-1997
    He's baaaaaaack! The relentless Simon the Monster Hunter is up to his old tricks with new traps. The Gromble's students think he's all wet when he tells them about their legacy -- the Pool of Elders.
    4 Seasons, 52 Episodes = 20 hours - Netflix
    Absolutely Fabulous / 1992,1994-1995,2001,2003
    Full of fashion, fun and wit, this award-winning British comedy centers on over-the-top Edina (Jennifer Saunders) and promiscuous Patsy (Joanna Lumley) -- best friends with a fondness for drugs, drink and outrageous behavior. Series 1 includes six episodes. Edina and Patsy stage a bizarre fashion ...
    5 Seasons = 13 hours - Netflix
    Accidentally on Purpose / 2009
    Billie pretends to go into labor to save Zack from getting a traffic ticket after they're pulled over for speeding. Meanwhile, Olivia and Davis go shopping for a baby gift.
    1 Season, 18 Episodes = 6:20:19 - Netflix, 2009
    According to Jim / 2001-2005,2007-2009
    Jim and Cheryl (Jim Belushi and Courtney Thorne-Smith) enjoy a typical suburban existence with their three children. But Jim's mischievous schemes often create chaos as Cheryl tries to keep things running smoothly for the family. In the sitcom's debut season, Jim gets in trouble when he goes to th...
    8 Seasons = 79 hours - Netflix
    Adam-12 / 1968-1974
    "Dragnet" star Jack Webb is the man behind this engrossing cop series that focuses on the life of Pete Malloy (Martin Milner), a veteran police officer who rediscovers his love for the job when he's paired with a new recruit, Jim Reed (Kent McCord), after his partner dies in the line of duty. This...
    7 Seasons = 74 hours - Netflix
    The Addams Family / 1964-1965
    When truant officer Sam Hilliard (Allyn Joslyn) arrives at the Addams abode to persuade mom and pop to enroll the kids at school, it's hard to say who's more disturbed by the visit -- Sam, who's invited by Gomez to try the rack, or Wednesday and Pugsley, who take issue with the school's curriculum...
    3 Seasons, 64 Episodes = 26 hours - Netflix
    Addicted / 2010
    Amanda is a 31-year-old alcoholic and heroin addict. She is jobless, homeless and on probation. At their wits' end and with nowhere else to turn, Amanda's parents contact Kristina for help in getting their daughter's life back on track.
    1 Season, 6 Episodes = 4:15:24 - Netflix, 2010
    The Adventures of Black Beauty / 1972-1973
    Set in the pastoral 19th-century English countryside, this family-friendly TV series follows the equine exploits of noble stallion Black Beauty and his friends Kevin and Vicky Gordon, the children who rescued him from an abusive owner. In the course of adventures that involve inept kidnappers, pir...
    2 Seasons = 19 hours - Netflix
    The Adventures of Chico & Guapo / 2006
    In this satirical animated series, Chico and Guapo, two interns trying to break into the music business, channel-surf in their boss's office and spout sarcastic commentary at real TV shows such as "Laguna Beach." No celebrity is safe and no topic too sacred for their hilarious potshots, which take...
    1 Season - Netflix, 2006
    The Adventures of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids / 1984
    Fat Albert and the Cosby kids learn a very important lesson about CPR in class but Rudy is just not interested. There is a medical emergency with Mudfoot desperately needing Rudy's help -- but, once again, Fat Albert ends up having to save the day.
    2 Seasons, 50 Episodes = 17 hours - Netflix, 1984
    The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius / 2000,2002-2003
    After a run-in with a radiation belt in outer space, Jimmy, Cindy, Carl, Sheen and Libby are all endowed with superpowers.
    3 Seasons, 55 Episodes = 24 hours - Netflix
    The Adventures of Pete & Pete / 1993-1994
    Meet Pete and Pete, two carrot-topped brothers who find life in seemingly boring Wellsville a lot more interesting than grown-ups can imagine, in this Nickelodeon series that shows just how much fun two siblings can have when no one's looking. Firstborn "Big Pete" narrates the eight first-season e...
    2 Seasons = 9:38:00 - Netflix
    The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes / 1984
    Sherlock Holmes finds himself evenly matched when he is employed by the King of Bohemia to retrieve an indiscreet photograph from Irene Adler, an American actress and singer.
    13 Episodes = 11 hours - Netflix, 1984
    The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog / 1993
    Based on the popular video game, this delightful animated series follows the exploits of hyper hedgehog Sonic and his cohort Miles "Tails" Prower as they defend the planet Mobius from Dr. Robotnik and his evil schemes. Featuring plenty of high-speed action, hysterical humor and the voice of Jaleel...
    2 Seasons = 16 hours - Netflix, 1993
    The Adventures of Superboy / 1988
    The world's greatest superhero faces his most challenging rival yet: college! Mild-mannered Clark Kent (John Haymes Newton) studies journalism at Shuster University (Superman's real-life co-creator was named Joe Shuster) and has his first big adventures as the Man of Steel. In the series' first se...
    1 Season - Netflix, 1988
    Adventures of Superman / 1952-1954,1957
    Before Christopher Reeve soared across the big screen in the 1978 blockbuster, the "original" Superman, George Reeves, was starring in this 1950s black-and-white television series. Following the double life of mild-mannered Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent and his secret pastime of saving the worl...
    4 Seasons = 45 hours - Netflix
    The Adventures of the Black Stallion / 1990-1992
    The once wild, now tamed Black stallion returns to the small screen in this TV series based on the 1979 Oscar-nominated movie. After young Alec (Richard Ian Cox) and the ebony beauty are rescued from an island, they enter the racing circuit under the guidance of trainer Henry Dailey (Mickey Rooney...
    3 Seasons = 29 hours - Netflix
    Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers / 1985-1986
    Brimming with sci-fi action, this cartoon collection chronicles the adventures of intergalactic law enforcers the Galaxy Rangers as they maintain justice on the frontier, battling villains such as Lazarus Slade, Scarecrow and the Queen of the Crown. In this volume, the rangers find themselves atte...
    2 Seasons = 24 hours - Netflix
    Adventures of the Gummi Bears: Vol. 1 / 1985
    Once home to a thriving civilization of tiny humanlike bears, Gummi Glen houses only seven remaining bears -- Gruffi, Zummi, Tummi, Sunni, Cubbi, Grammi and Gusto -- and they're determined to discover the lost secrets of their ancestors. Luckily, the one secret that hasn't been lost is the bears' ...
    1 Season = 10 hours - Netflix, 1985
    The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones / 1992-1993
    January, 1910. The Jones family attends a meeting of the Theosophy movement in Benares, India. There young Indy befriends a young boy named Jiddu Krishnamurti who is presented by the society to be the next world teacher and possible messiah.
    3 Seasons, 21 Episodes = 32 hours - Netflix
    Affairs of the Heart / 1974
    This collection of romantic dramas includes seven stand-alone episodes made for British television, based on stories and novels by Henry James, including "Washington Square" and "The Wings of the Dove." The pieces each explore James's signature theme of the frequently ill-fated social comingling o...
    2 Seasons = 10 hours - Netflix, 1974
    Afro Samurai / 2007
    1 Season, 5 Episodes = 2:14:04 - Netflix, 2007
    Agatha Christie's Marple / 2004,2006-2008,2010
    Four of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple thrillers are presented here. In "The Murder at the Vicarage," Marple (Geraldine McEwan) investigates the death of Colonel Protheroe (Derek Jacobi). In "The Body in the Library," a dead girl is found in the house of a married couple. In "A Murder Is Announced,...
    5 Seasons = 29 hours - Netflix
    Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy / 2006
    Yggdrasil loses some valuable information within the Goddess Assistance Agency - namely Keiichi's wish! Without the necessary data, Belldandy may have to return to Heaven!
    20 Episodes = 8:05:41 - Netflix, 2006
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