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Nobel Prize Library (1971) 345 Chapters, 7,661pp
Published Under the Sponsorship of the Nobel Foundation & The Swedish Academy

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    Agnon - Andric (1971) - PDF
    S.Y. Agnon, Ivo Andric
    11 Chapters, 359pp
    Asturias - Benavente - Bergson (1971) - PDF
    Miguel Angel Asturias, Jacinto Benavente, Henri Bergson
    15 Chapters, 391pp
    Beckett - Bjornson - Buck - Bunin (1971) - PDF
    Samuel Beckett, Bjornstjerne Bjornson, Pearl Buck, Ivan Bunin
    22 Chapters, 358pp
    Camus - Churchill (1971) - PDF
    Albert Camus, Winston Churchill
    11 Chapters, 423pp
    Carducci - Deledda - Echegaray - Eliot (1971) - PDF
    Giosue Carducci, Grazia Deledda, Jose Echegaray, T.S. Eliot
    19 Chapters, 373pp
    Eucken - France - Galsworthy (1971) - PDF
    Rudolf Eucken, Anatole France, John Galsworthy
    18 Chapters, 375pp
    Gide - Gjellerup - Heyse (1971) - PDF
    Andre Gide, Karl Gjellerup, Paul Heyse
    14 Chapters, 368pp
    Hauptmann - Heidenstam - Jensen (1971) - PDF
    Gerhart Hauptmann, Verner von Heidenstam, Johannes V. Jensen
    16 Chapters, 407pp
    Hemingway - Hamsun - Hesse (1971) - PDF
    Ernest Hemingway, Knut Hamsun, Hermann Hesse
    20 Chapters, 391pp
    Kawabata - Kipling - Lewis (1971) - PDF
    Yasunari Kawabata, Rudyard Kipling, Sinclair Lewis
    16 Chapters, 386pp
    Jimenez - Karlfeldt - Lagerkvist - Lagerlof (1971) - PDF
    Juan Ramon Jimenez, Erik Axel Karlfeldt, Par Lagerkvist, Selma Lagerlof
    21 Chapters, 375pp
    Laxness - Maeterlinck - Mann (1971) - PDF
    Halldor Laxness, Maurice Maeterlinck, Thomas Mann
    17 Chapters, 406pp
    Mauriac - Mistral - Mommsen (1971) - PDF
    Francois Mauriac, Frederic Mistral, Theodor Mommsen
    13 Chapters, 399pp
    Du Gard - Mistral - Pasternak (1971) - PDF
    Roger Martin du Gard, Gabriela Mistral, Boris Pasternak
    16 Chapters, 388pp
    Perse - Pirandello - Pontoppidan - Quasimodo (1971) - PDF
    St.-John Perse, Luigi Pirandello, Henrik Pontoppidan, Salvatore Quasimodo
    20 Chapters, 385pp
    Reymont - Rolland - Russell (1971) - PDF
    Ladislas Reymont, Romain Rolland, Bertrand Russell
    13 Chapters, 373pp
    Sachs - Sartre - Shaw - Sillanpaa - Sully-Prudhomme (1971) - PDF
    Nelly Sachs, Jean-Paul Sartre, George Bernard Shaw, Frans Eemil Sillanpaa, Rene ...
    20 Chapters, 371pp
    Seferis - Sholokhov - Sienkiewicz - Spittler (1971) - PDF
    Giorgos Seferis, Mikhail Sholokhov, Henryk Sienkiewicz, Carl Spittler
    23 Chapters, 375pp
    Faulkner - O'Neill - Steinbeck (1971) - PDF
    William Faulkner, Eugene O'Neill, John Steinbeck
    17 Chapters, 387pp
    Solzhenitsyn - Tagore - Undset - Yeats (1971) - PDF
    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Rabindranath Tagore, Sigrid Undset, William Butler Yeats
    23 Chapters, 371pp
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