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Policy Review Archives
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Tree Summary
  1. [–] Issues of the 1970s
    = 3 Years, 10 Issues, 141 Articles
    1. [+] Issues of 1977
      = 2 Issues, 29 Articles
      1. [–] Issues of 1978
        = 4 Issues, 55 Articles
        1. [+] January 1978 Issue
          = 12 Articles
          1. [+] April 1978 Issue
            = 16 Articles
            1. [–] July 1978 Issue
              = 14 Articles
              1. The Limitations of Tax Limitation by Milton Friedman, pp. 7-14 - PDF
              2. Soviet Intervention in the Horn of Africa by Peter Vanneman and Martin James, pp. 15-36 - PDF
              3. Why Carter's Welfare Reform Plan Failed by Martin Anderson, pp. 37-40 - PDF
              4. The Politics of Policy Analysis by B. Bruce-Briggs, pp. 41-58 - PDF
              5. The Third World and the Free Enterprise Press by Jeffrey St. John, pp. 59-72 - PDF
              6. Four Thousand Years of Wage and Price Controls by Robert L. Schuettinger, pp. 73-78 - PDF
              7. Corporate Social Responsibility by Gerald D. Keim and Roger Meiners, pp. 79-96 - PDF
              8. On Standing Up to the Russians in Africa by Robert Moss, pp. 97-118 - PDF
              9. [+] Taking Capitalism Seriously by Tibor R. Machan, pp. 119-126 - PDF
                - 2 Reviews
                1. Two Cheers for Capitalism by Irving Kristol
                2. Does Freedom Work? by Donald J. Devine
              10. [+] The Rapid Growth of the Welfare Industry by Carl T. Curtis, pp. 127-129 - PDF
                - 3 Reviews
                1. The Welfare Industry by Charles D. Hobbs
                2. Welfare by Martin Anderson
                3. Welfare Reform and the Carter Public Service Employment Program by David I. Meiselman
              11. [+] Soviet Strategy Toward The Trade Union Movement by Arnold Beichman, pp. 130-133 - PDF
                - 1 Review
                1. The Kremlin and Labor by Roy Godson
              12. [+] The Changing Trends in the U.S.-U.S.S.R. Military Balance by John J. Tierney, Jr., pp. 134-136 - PDF
                - 1 Review
                1. American and Soviet Military Trends Since the Cuban Missile Crisis by John M. Collins
              13. [+] A Strategy for the West by E.J.F., pp. 137-138 - PDF
                - 1 Review
                1. Strategy of Survival by Brian Crozier
              14. New Books and Articles in Public Policy by Christopher Thiele, pp. 139-146 - PDF
                1. Strategy of Survival by Brian Crozier
            2. [+] October 1978 Issue
              = 13 Articles
            3. [+] Issues of 1979
              = 4 Issues, 57 Articles
            4. [+] Issues of the 1980s
              = 10 Years, 41 Issues, 860 Articles
              1. [+] Issues of the 1990s
                = 10 Years, 47 Issues, 796 Articles
                1. [+] Issues of the 2000s
                  = 5 Years, 24 Issues, 207 Articles
                  The various Toggle Boxes on a page may be opened or closed by clicking them individually. They typically display additional information or different views of the material, including the PDF for a readable publication.
                  Individual Pages
                  This section provides a display of the individual pages contained in the particular items, and if readable, clicking on a particular one opens that PDF. The Entire PDF of that item may be opened by clicking the Readable PDF toggle.
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