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  • Jungle Man (1948) by P.J. Pretorius
    The Autobiography of Major P.J. Pretorius
    3 Reviews, 2 Readable
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    Published Reviews
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    1. [+]
      (3 Reviews)
      The Peripatetic Reviewer
      1. The Running of the Tide by Esther Forbes
      2. Jungle Man by P.J. Pretorius
      3. About Boston by David T. McCord
      The Atlantic Monthly
      , October 1948, pp. 96-101
    2. [+]
      (5 Reviews)
      Excerpts and Jottings from New and Forthcoming Books
      1. The American Political Tradition by Richard Hofstadter
      2. The Naked and the Dead by Norman Mailer
      3. California: A Study of American Character by Josiah Royce
      4. Dreadful California by Hinton R. Helper, Lucius Beebe, and C...
      5. Jungle Man by P.J. Pretorius
      The Saturday Review
      , September 25, 1948, pp. 18-19 - PDF
    3. [+]
      Jungle Man, by P.J. Pretorius
      1. Jungle Man by P.J. Pretorius
      The Saturday Review
      , August 28, 1948, p. 20 - PDF