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Q: What is UNZ.org?

A: The UNZ.org website is intended to provide convenient access to a large quantity of high-quality content material, mostly published over the last 150 years in America and England, including both articles and books, encompassing over one million readable items and titles of another million items not readable due to copyright. Much of this material has never previously been available anywhere on the Internet and should be useful for researchers and intellectual historians.

Q: Why do you include non-readable articles and books?

A: The inclusion of the copyright-excluded material allows users to examine a more nearly complete collection of a given author's writings, even if many of the particular items themselves are currently unavailable due to copyright. If necessary, many of these other items can often be accessed and read on other websites or content systems, especially in the case of extent publications. Furthermore, there is a chance that at some future point these publications will be released for reading on this website as well.

Q: The website seems very different than when I previously visited. What's the story?

A: The current Version 2.0 release of UNZ.org incorporates major design changes from the previous version, but nearly all of the same underlying printed content is still available. Given the relatively slight use of the previous links to external videos and webzines, these portions have been removed, thereby streamlining access to the printed materials which constitute the main value of the system. Another major change has been the widespread use of Javascript, rendering most of the pages "reactive" as you begin entering information.

Q: How do I find a given author or publication?

A: Most of the main pages of the website contain one or more "Reactive Clouds," with the names of various authors or publications. Javascript functions cause these Clouds to "react" and change the displayed information as you begin typing in the entry boxes. For example, as you enter the first few letters of an author's name on the Home page, the Clouds adjust to display only those authors whose names begin with those letters. Similar adjustments occur as you start typing in a particular decade or year, or if you select one of the drop-down settings or other filter. This allows you to quickly focus in on the individuals you are seeking based on your particular criteria.

At any point, the relative size of the names in a given Cloud indicates the volume of underlying content material associated with that name. Meanwhile, the color indicates what fraction of the content material is readable (for copyright reasons): bright blue indicates mostly readable, dark blue indicates partly readable, and black means mostly unreadable

Q: How do I find a given article or book?

A: The main Articles and Books pages, as well as the Overview tabs for individual authors or publications, display a Listing of articles (or books) towards the bottom of the page. Like the Clouds, these Listings are "reactive" and automatically adjust as you being typing in any of the information in the various data entry fields---Title, Author, Publication, or Period, displaying only those items that match your selection.

Q: What about the individual publications?

A: When you reach the pages associated with a given publication, you can examine the contents in a number of different ways, accessed via the different tabs. The default Overview tab gives you the Cloud of authors for that publication plus the Listing of individual articles, with both of these being "reactive" as you provide information in the Title, Author, or Period fields.

There are also several other tabs. The Tree tab displays a dynamic tree allowing the individual time periods, issues, and articles to be opened for greate detail. The Year Contents tab displays the tables of contents for all the issues of a given year, the Issues, Small Covers, and Large Covers tabs display those views of the contents for a given decade, and the All Years tab provides an overview of the entire archive of the periodical. In addition, the drop down field in the control bar may be used to explore the different periods. All these pages allow for convenient browsing of the contents of a given periodical and clicking on any of the individual links accessing more detailed information.

Q: How does Searching work?

A: As mentioned above, much of the exploration of the website contents is normally performed by browsing the various different pages or entering information into the various text fields and having the displayed information automatically adjust. Actual Searches are performed in a parallel manner, by entering the target information into the data fields and then pressing the Search button (or simply hitting Enter). The system then performs a Search across the selected Text, Title, Author, and other information and displays the findings in a new Search Results tab.

Searches may be performed on any of these individual pages, or on the Power Search page, which allows for more detailed Searches across all content material.
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Ramparts Magazine Archives
Title Author Period Text
Type? Genre/Topic? Subtitles?
  • Ramparts Magazine
    Total Archives: 14 Years, 131 Issues, 1,566 Articles, 9,250pp
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    Decade 1960s
    1. Ramparts Magazine,
      May 1962 Issue, 17 Articles, 108pp
      Stone in the River by Harry Stiehl
    2. Ramparts Magazine,
      September 1962 Issue, 15 Articles, 100pp
      Ronald Firbank, 1886-1926 by Neville Braybrooke
    3. Ramparts Magazine,
      November 1962 Issue, 14 Articles, 100pp
      Philosophy and the Novel by Martin Turnell
    4. Ramparts Magazine,
      January 1963 Issue, 14 Articles, 100pp
      John Howard Griffin by Thomas P. McDonnell
      An Interview
    5. Ramparts Magazine,
      March 1963 Issue, 15 Articles, 100pp
      A Symposium on Jesuit University Education
    6. Ramparts Magazine,
      May 1963 Issue, 17 Articles, 98pp
      The Theatre Season in Paris by Thomas Molnar
    7. Ramparts Magazine,
      Autumn 1963 Issue, 18 Articles, 100pp
      The Synagogue by Karl Shapiro
    8. Ramparts Magazine,
      Christmas 1963 Issue, 14 Articles, 98pp
      The Negro & the White Conscience
    9. Ramparts Magazine,
      Spring 1964 Issue, 14 Articles, 102pp
      A Note on the Birch Society by John Cogley
    10. Ramparts Magazine,
      Summer 1964 Issue, 16 Articles, 98pp
      Indians, Negroes and Their Great White Fathers
    11. Ramparts Magazine,
      October 1964 Issue, 15 Articles, 66pp
      Harlem Diary
      The untold story of the American Nightmare
    12. Ramparts Magazine,
      November 1964 Issue, 22 Articles, 66pp
      The Compleat Goldwater
    13. Ramparts Magazine,
      December 1964 Issue, 9 Articles, 60pp
      John Quincy Adams & The Revolutionary Temper by Truman Nelson
    14. Ramparts Magazine,
      January 1965 Issue, 16 Articles, 66pp
      Interview with Senator Frank Church
    15. Ramparts Magazine,
      March 1965 Issue, 11 Articles, 82pp
      The Victorian Tramp: An intimate portrait
    16. Ramparts Magazine,
      April 1965 Issue, 13 Articles, 68pp
      The Menace of Barbie Dolls
      Six million morbid fantasies on the march
    17. Ramparts Magazine,
      May 1965 Issue, 12 Articles, 68pp
      The FBI and Organized Crime by Fred J. Cook
    18. Ramparts Magazine,
      June 1965 Issue, 12 Articles, 68pp
      The South At War
      A Special Report on the Civil War Today
    19. Ramparts Magazine,
      July 1965 Issue, 16 Articles, 68pp
      The Vietnam Lobby
      an exposure
    20. Ramparts Magazine,
      August 1965 Issue, 14 Articles, 68pp
      The Fictitious Freedom of the Press by Howard Gossage
      (an advertising man's lament)
    21. Ramparts Magazine,
      September 1965 Issue, 14 Articles, 80pp
      Bracero Politics
      Longest Crap Game in California's Agricultural History
    22. Ramparts Magazine,
      October 1965 Issue, 29 Articles, 80pp
      Pessimist's Guide to the Vatican Council
    23. Ramparts Magazine,
      November 1965 Issue, 17 Articles, 80pp
      The Last Jew in America by Leslie Fiedler
    24. Ramparts Magazine,
      December 1965 Issue, 15 Articles, 80pp
      Arnold Toynbee on "Supersam"
    25. Ramparts Magazine,
      January 1966 Issue, 14 Articles, 80pp
      There He Was In Person, Humphrey Bogart
    26. Ramparts Magazine,
      February 1966 Issue, 11 Articles, 80pp
      "I Quit" by A Special Forces Hero
      "The whole thing was a lie!"
    27. Ramparts Magazine,
      March 1966 Issue, 15 Articles, 64pp
      Bob Dylan: The Children's Crusade
    28. Ramparts Magazine,
      April 1966 Issue, 16 Articles, 68pp
      The univeresity on the make
      Or, How MSU helped arm Madame Nhu
    29. Ramparts Magazine,
      June 1966 Issue, 14 Articles, 64pp
      A Profile in Courage by J. William Fulbright
    30. Ramparts Magazine,
      July 1966 Issue, 18 Articles, 68pp
      The Avary
      Hawkus Caucus Americanus
    31. Ramparts Magazine,
      August 1966 Issue, 16 Articles, 64pp
      Ben Franklin's School for Spies
    32. Ramparts Magazine,
      October 1966 Issue, 13 Articles, 64pp
      "Golly gee, California is a strange state!"
    33. Ramparts Magazine,
      November 1966 Issue, 16 Articles, 72pp
      White Power
    34. Ramparts Magazine,
      December 1966 Issue, 14 Articles, 64pp
      Flyboys of the CIA by David Walsh
    35. Ramparts Magazine,
      January 1967 Issue, 20 Articles, 104pp
      The Bishop's Not for Burning by Lester Kinsolving
    36. Ramparts Magazine,
      February 1967 Issue, 10 Articles, 64pp
      A Political Portrait of Robert Kennedy by Robert Scheer
    37. Ramparts Magazine,
      March 1967 Issue, 13 Articles, 64pp
      "May the Baby Jesus Open Your Mind and Shut Your Mouth"
    38. Ramparts Magazine,
      April 1967 Issue, 12 Articles, 64pp
      "When I joined the 'Company'..."
    39. Ramparts Magazine,
      May 1967 Issue, 13 Articles, 62pp
      Lord Russell by Robert Scheer
    40. Ramparts Magazine,
      June 1967 Issue, 10 Articles, 64pp
      Nobody Knows My Name by Gene Marine
    41. Ramparts Magazine,
      July 1967 Issue, 13 Articles, 70pp
      The Israeli-Arab Crisis
    42. Ramparts Magazine,
      September 1967 Issue, 16 Articles, 80pp
      Regis Debray
      Theoretician of the New Revolution
    43. Ramparts Magazine,
      September 7, 1967 Issue, 18 Articles, 64pp
      Sirhan Sirhan's Family Reveals His Motives
      A Ramparts Exclusive
    44. Ramparts Magazine,
      October 1967 Issue, 11 Articles, 78pp
      John Lennon Murders World War II by Stephen Schneck
    45. Ramparts Magazine,
      November 1967 Issue, 9 Articles, 118pp
      Left Wing Catholics
    46. Ramparts Magazine,
      December 1967 Issue, 15 Articles, 96pp
      Society: The Swami Scene by Paul Krassner
    47. Ramparts Magazine,
      January 1968 Issue, 8 Articles, 72pp
      Jim Garrison
    48. Ramparts Magazine,
      February 1968 Issue, 13 Articles, 70pp
      Woman Power
    49. Ramparts Magazine,
      March 1968 Issue, 13 Articles, 70pp
      In Cold Blood by Michele Ray
      How the CIA Executed Che
    50. Ramparts Magazine,
      May 1968 Issue, 16 Articles, 78pp
      In White America
      The Execution of Dr. King
    51. Ramparts Magazine,
      June 15, 1968 Issue, 6 Articles, 64pp
      The Banning of a Book, 1968
      Excerpts from Humphrey's Censored Biography
    52. Ramparts Magazine,
      June 29, 1968 Issue, 5 Articles, 58pp
      The Story of "Danny the Red"
      The Enrage Who Brought Down Paris
    53. Ramparts Magazine,
      July 1968 Issue, 2 Articles, 72pp
      The Diary of Che Guevara
      Introductory Essay by Fidel Castro
    54. Ramparts Magazine,
      August 1968 Issue, 5 Articles, 80pp
      The officer hit him and said... by John Hersey
    55. Ramparts Magazine,
      August 24, 1968 Issue, 5 Articles, 64pp
      Averell Harriman said to me... by Tom Hayden
    56. Ramparts Magazine,
      September 28, 1968 Issue, 2 Articles, 72pp
      Chicago---20,000 Words on the Making of a Pig, 1968
    57. Ramparts Magazine,
      October 26, 1968 Issue, 11 Articles, 80pp
      Huey Newton by Eldridge Cleaver
      The Story of a Black Man and The Gun
    58. Ramparts Magazine,
      November 17, 1968 Issue, 4 Articles, 64pp
      Only four voting days left until 1984.
    59. Ramparts Magazine,
      November 30, 1968 Issue, 16 Articles, 72pp
      Litton Industries---Big Brother as a Holding Company
    60. Ramparts Magazine,
      December 14, 1968 Issue, 12 Articles, 64pp
      "I didn't leave anything in that penitentiary..." by Eldridge Cleaver
    61. Ramparts Magazine,
      April 1969 Issue, 11 Articles, 72pp
      Susan Sontag Reports from Cuba
    62. Ramparts Magazine,
      May 1969 Issue, 10 Articles, 56pp
      Pacification in Viet-Nam
    63. Ramparts Magazine,
      June 1969 Issue, 8 Articles, 56pp
      Nerve Gas was tested on 6400 sheep by the Army, accidentally.
      It works
    64. Ramparts Magazine,
      July 1969 Issue, 7 Articles, 64pp
      Ramparts Offer $10,000 for Information Leading...
    65. Ramparts Magazine,
      August 1969 Issue, 10 Articles, 72pp
      From Post-War Berkeley
    66. Ramparts Magazine,
      September 1969 Issue, 12 Articles, 72pp
      The End of the Ocean
    67. Ramparts Magazine,
      October 1969 Issue, 9 Articles, 68pp
      Running with the Chicanos by Eldridge Cleaver
    68. Ramparts Magazine,
      November 1969 Issue, 8 Articles, 64pp
      The Black Moochie, Part II by Eldridge Cleaver
    69. Ramparts Magazine,
      December 1969 Issue, 12 Articles, 78pp
      Inside the Pigasus Campaign