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Red State, December 2008 Items - Previous Month / Next Month
1,351 Items: Monday, December 1st, 2008 to Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

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Monday, December 1st, 2008 - 51 Items / Re: Two Words (Pejman's RedHot) by Bill S
Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 - 64 Items / How do we know the auto bailout is unpopular across the boar... by Erick Erickson
Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008 - 64 Items / No. They Can't. by Pejman Yousefzadeh
Thursday, December 4th, 2008 - 46 Items / Reading Your Opposition's Works by "GregInFla"
Friday, December 5th, 2008 - 58 Items / Obama's Destructive Disregard for the Constitution's authori... by "Hangmann747_shane_"
Saturday, December 6th, 2008 - 18 Items / #TCOT Top Conservatives on Twitter And Why You Should Be Too by Steve Foley
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 - 41 Items / Good morning, *Mister* Jefferson. by Moe Lane
Monday, December 8th, 2008 - 58 Items / Alive And Kicking by Pejman Yousefzadeh
Tuesday, December 9th, 2008 - 67 Items / Stopping Bailout Madness by "chemjeff"
Wednesday, December 10th, 2008 - 62 Items / racer by "Racer"
Thursday, December 11th, 2008 - 60 Items / 2010 Senate News (KY,CO,NC,NY) by "dld1717"
Friday, December 12th, 2008 - 52 Items / IL: Congressman Kirk Hinting At Run For Senate by "dld1717"
Saturday, December 13th, 2008 - 39 Items / Republican Congressional Vote Percentage Lowest Since 1976 by Brad Smith
Sunday, December 14th, 2008 - 41 Items / What's With the Obama Confusion? by "adamsweb"
Monday, December 15th, 2008 - 49 Items / McCain may not support Palin in presidential bid by "Loozianajay"
Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 - 63 Items / More Failed Adventures In Journalism by Pejman Yousefzadeh
Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 - 51 Items / Shoes not thrown in Iraq by Mike Gamecock Devine
Thursday, December 18th, 2008 - 60 Items / KS: Brownback Not Running 3rd Term (Open Seat) by "dld1717"
Friday, December 19th, 2008 - 45 Items / A Giant On Whose Shoulders We Stand by "adamsweb"
Saturday, December 20th, 2008 - 33 Items / Open Thread (nt) by Neil Stevens
Sunday, December 21st, 2008 - 33 Items / Sins of Omission by "adamsweb"
Monday, December 22nd, 2008 - 37 Items / Fred Thompson lands on his feet by "Brad_g"
Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 - 36 Items / The disillusionment looks to begin with the inauguration by "Finrod"
Wednesday, December 24th, 2008 - 34 Items / The Huffington Theft by Pejman Yousefzadeh
Thursday, December 25th, 2008 - 18 Items / The Faith Of Warriors by "rcov092"
Friday, December 26th, 2008 - 17 Items / Obama's First Gift to Unions by Warner Todd Huston
Saturday, December 27th, 2008 - 27 Items / Connecticut Post: Don't Question Dodd (or Anti-War Folk, or ... by "CTVoter2010"
Sunday, December 28th, 2008 - 15 Items / 2010 Senate may not be so bleak by "Seriouslaff"
Monday, December 29th, 2008 - 33 Items / Telling by Pejman Yousefzadeh
Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 - 36 Items / Algore is on the hot seat today by Bill S
Wednesday, December 31st, 2008 - 43 Items / Britain Whines: "It's All About Me!" by "itsonlywords"
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