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The Rothbard-Rockwell Report, January 1992 Issue PDF - Previous Issue / Next Issue
by Murray N. Rothbard and Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. / The Ludwig von Mises Institute - 5 Articles, 20pp

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Uncorrected Raw Text
For President:
Pat Buchanan
by Murray N.
Rothbard and
Llewellyn H.
Rockwell, Jr.
In writing an article on
strategy for this issue, one of
us, demonstrating the crying
need for a dynamic, exciting,
charismatic leader to build a
paleo movement, a right-wing
populist movement to rouse
the middle and working
classes, to return American to
a free and prosperous land of
productive citizens enjoying
their rights to person and
property, ends with the cry:
where is that leader? Where
is that presidential candidate?
As if our prayers were swiftly
answered by Heaven, we now
have that candidate and that
leader: Patrick J. Buchanan.
One might well ask: what
about Ron Paul? In Novem-
ber, we called for Ron Paul to
enter the Republican prima-
ries, and we joined an ex-
ploratory committee to test the
waters for that race. We gen-
erated an enormous and un-
expected amount of interest,
from libertarians and conser-
vatives, and from the media,
starved for some kind of con-
test in what had looked like a
torpid and boring Bush coro-
nation in 1992. Ron was de-
termined that Bush would not
go unchallenged, but he was
not anxious for personal rea-
sons to make the race. When
Pat phoned him, without
hesitation, Ron welcomed
Pat's entry into the race, and
pledged his support to the
Buchanan effort. Unlike most
libertarians, Ron Paul under-
stands the real world of poli-
tics, and he realizes that in
Pat Buchanan we have an
opportunity to
forge a powerful
paleo coalition,
to create a new
servative, Old
Right movement
that can grow,
can became ex-
traordinarily in-
fluential, and
that can even
take over the
p r e s i d e n c y
within a short period of time.
To libertarians: the op-
portunity is here. This is it.
This is the real world. Get real!
Pat Buchanan is our ideal
candidate. He is highly intelli-
gent; he is deeply principled;
he is known and loved by mil-
lions of Americans; he has a
great deal of experience in
politics, though not in running
(Cont. page 4, col. 3)
by Sarah Barton
At a recent meeting that
Charles Koch's Institute for
Humane Stud-
ies held for
budding young
journalists, the
big buzz among
the students
was not the
daffy but boring
official topic,
b u t . . .. R R R !
Student opinion
was split 50-50;
with half saying
they couldn't
live without us,
and the other half calling us
Evil Incarnate. That's about
the right proportion: they may
love us, they may hate us, but
no one can ignore us!
. 4 . 4 *
In case anyone wants to
know whom Israel is backing
in the Democrat presidential
sweepstakes, general coun-
sel for the Clinton campaign
(Cont. next page, col. 1)
Buchanan for President, by M.N.R. & L.H.R., Jr. ...... 1
Right- Wing Populism, by Murray N. Rothbard ........ 5
Time for War!, by M.N.R.. ............................................ 14
Beam Me Up, Jerry, by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.16
P.C. Watch, by L.H.R., Jr. ............................................. 17

Table of Contents
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