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The Saturday Review, Issues of 1959 - Previous Year / Next Year
52 Issues, 1,909 Articles, 3,208pp: January 3, 1959 to December 26, 1959

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Issues of Jan.-Mar.
  • January 3 Doctors and Antibiotics by John Lear - PDF
    Taking the Miracle Out of Miracle Drugs
  • January 10 The Jet Age and the Tourist - PDF
    Promise, Problems, Perils
  • January 17 The American Economy 1959 - PDF
  • January 24 Who Decides What's Fit to Print by T.S. Mathews - PDF
  • January 31 Great Artists of Our Time by Teodoro Celli - PDF
    I. Maria Callas
  • February 7 Politics and Morality by Adlai Stevenson - PDF
  • February 14 Fakes and Frauds in Lincoln Literature - PDF
  • February 21 Is Democracy Possible? by Robert M. Hutchins - PDF
  • February 28 Music in Moscow by Faubion Bowers - PDF
  • March 7 Forgotten Men of Science by George Sarton - PDF
    A Gallery of Portraits
  • March 14 Around the World by Horace Sutton - PDF
    Special Travel Section
  • March 21 Robert Frost at 85 by Lawrance Thompson, John Ciardi - PDF
  • March 28 My Life in Photography by Edward Steichen - PDF
Issues of Apr.-Jun.
  • April 4 What SR Readers Think About Man in Space - PDF
  • April 11 Has the Library of Congress Been Shelved? - PDF
  • April 18 Are We As Right As We Think? by Norman Thomas - PDF
  • April 25 Zero Hour for Lincoln Center by Irving Kolodin - PDF
  • May 2 Can Science Prove When Time Began? - PDF
  • May 9 The Big Trend in Little Magazines by Rust Hills - PDF
  • May 16 Photography in the Fine Arts - PDF
  • May 23 The Supreme Court Decision - PDF
    Five Years Later
  • May 30 Adventurer in the Arts by Irving Kolodin - PDF
  • June 6 Is Science Too Big for the Scientist? by Merle A. Tuve - PDF
  • June 13 The Last Days of Oscar Wilde by Andre Gide - PDF
  • June 20 The Renaissance Man Today by Howard Mumford Jones - PDF
  • June 27 From Bernhardt to Bardot by Arthur Mayer - PDF
Issues of Jul.-Sep.
  • July 4 How Stormy Weather Is Born by John Lear - PDF
  • July 11 The Hearst-Luce-Hill Stereotype by John M. Harrison - PDF
  • July 18 The Moving Finger Writes---But Who Can Read It? by Robert O'Brien - PDF
  • July 25 An Address in Moscow by Norman Cousins - PDF
  • August 1 The New Science of Fiber Metallurgy by Robert H. Read - PDF
  • August 8 A Toast in Georgia by Norman Cousins - PDF
  • August 15 Liberal Arts and Public Policy by William Benton - PDF
  • August 22 A Return to Heroic Man by Maxine Greene - PDF
  • August 29 Heralds of the New Tribune by Stanley Walter - PDF
  • September 5 The Case of the Substituted Drug by John Lear - PDF
  • September 12 Roots of the School Dilemma - PDF
  • September 19 The Environment of Poetry by John Ciardi - PDF
  • September 26 A Sane Approach To Style by Charles W. Ferguson - PDF
Issues of Oct.-Dec.
  • October 3 No Toll Routes to the Stars! by John Lear - PDF
  • October 10 Big Sell in the Cold War by David Finn - PDF
  • October 17 Report from the Seven Seas - PDF
    The Traveler's Horizon Expands
  • October 24 The Creative Arts in Canada - PDF
    A Nation Shapes Its Culture
  • October 31 Walt Whitman's Buried Masterpiece by Malcolm Cowley - PDF
  • November 7 Frank Lloyd Wright---Hero, Prophet, and Adventurer by Edward Durell Stone - PDF
  • November 14 The Book That Made Man Timeless - PDF
    A Report on the First 100 Years of the Theory of Evolution
  • November 21 John Dewey Centennial - PDF
    A Special Section
  • November 28 The Bombing of St. Louis - PDF
    Report and Epilogue
  • December 5 Christmas Books for Varied Tastes - PDF
  • December 12 The Boy Who Learned To Grow Salt by Vincent J. Schaefer - PDF
  • December 19 The New Frankness in Films by Arthur Knight - PDF
  • December 26 Apropos "Le Sacre Du Printemps" by Igor Stravinsky - PDF
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