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Scribners, Issues of the 1900s - Previous Decade / Next Decade
10 Years, 114 Issues, 1,908 Articles, 14,772pp: January 1900 to December 1909

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Issues of 1900
  • January, 13 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    Oliver Cromwell by Theodore Roosevelt
    I. The Times and the Man
  • February, 13 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    Oliver Cromwell by Theodore Roosevelt
    II. The Long Parliament and the Civil War
  • March, 15 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    The Boer War by H.J. Whigham
    II. The Fighting with Methuen's Division---Belmont, Gras Pan, Modder River
  • April, 12 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    The Charm of Paris by Ida M. Tarbell
  • May, 16 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    Some Picturesque Sides of the Exhibition by E.C. Peixotto
    An Artist's Impressions
  • June, 18 Articles, 126pp - PDF
    How a President Is Elected by A. Maurice Low
  • July, 13 Articles, 128pp - PDF
    The Slave-Trade in America by John R. Spears
    I. The Gathering of the Slaves
  • August, 21 Articles, 128pp - PDF
    Tito--The Story of the Coyote That Learned How by Ernest Seton-Thompson
  • September, 13 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    In the Gameland Our Fathers Lost by Frederic Irland
  • October, 15 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    Russia of To-day by Henry Norman
    I. The Two Capitals
  • November, 15 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    Russia of To-day by Henry Norman
    II. The Great Siberian Railway
  • December, 16 Articles, 128pp - PDF

Issues of 1901
  • July, 17 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    A Tour in Sicily by Rufus B. Richardson
  • August, 15 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    A Derelict by Richard Harding Davis
  • September, 18 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    The Poor in Summer by Robert Alston Stevenson
  • October, 14 Articles, 126pp - PDF
    A Horse-Fair Pilgrimage by E.S. Nadal
  • November, 13 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    Among the Dunkers by Nelson Lloyd
  • December, 15 Articles, 128pp - PDF
    American Portraiture of Children by Harrison S. Morris
Issues of 1902
  • January, 20 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    The American "Commercial Invasion" of Europe by Frank A. Vanderlip
  • February, 14 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    Washington, a City of Pictures by Francis E. Leupp
  • March, 16 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    The Heart of England by John Corbin
  • April, 13 Articles, 131pp - PDF
    The Gloucester Fisherman by James B. Connolly
    Night Seining and Winter Trawling
  • May, 19 Articles, 133pp - PDF
    On a North Sea Smack by James B. Connolly
  • June, 14 Articles, 126pp - PDF
    The new Agriculture by W.S. Harwood
    Remarkable Results from Experiment Station Work
  • July, 13 Articles, 131pp - PDF
    In an Old French Garden by Will H. Low
  • August, 18 Articles, 135pp - PDF
    "Wireless" by Rudyard Kipling
  • September, 14 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    Prix de Rome Students at the Villa Medici by Louis Edouard Fournier
  • October, 16 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    A Little Brother of the Books by Josephine Dodge Daskam
  • November, 13 Articles, 137pp - PDF
    In the Paths of Immigration by James B. Connolly
  • December, 15 Articles, 128pp - PDF
    The Gentle Art of Bull-Fighting by Richard Harding Davis
Issues of 1903
  • January, 16 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    The Old Route to Orleans by Willis Gibson
    The Mississippi
  • February, 20 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    Picturesque Milan by Edith Wharton
  • March, 15 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    The Twentieth Century City by John Corbin
  • April, 16 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    Below the Water-Line by Benjamin Brooks
  • May, 18 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    My First Command and the Outbreak of the War by Gen. John B. Gordon
  • June, 17 Articles, 126pp - PDF
    A New Playground in the New World by Edward Whymper
  • July, 16 Articles, 129pp - PDF

  • August, 16 Articles, 133pp - PDF
    The County Fair by Nelson Lloyd
  • September, 16 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    The Wyoming Game Stronghold by Frederic Irland
  • October, 16 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    The Wastes of a Great City by John McGraw Woodbury
  • November, 17 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    John S. Sargent by Royal Cortissoz
  • December, 18 Articles, 126pp - PDF
    A Venetian Night's Entertainment by Edith Wharton
Issues of 1904
  • January, 15 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    A New Valley of Wonders by F.S. Dellenbaugh
  • February, 17 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    Some Gardens in Spain by Helena Rutherfurd Ely
  • March, 15 Articles, 133pp - PDF
    The Search for the Western Sea by Agnes C. Laut
  • April, 15 Articles, 132pp - PDF
    The Architecture of the St. Louis Fair by Montgomery Schuyler
  • May, 14 Articles, 137pp - PDF
    The Yellowstone National Park by Arnold Hague
  • June, 17 Articles, 134pp - PDF
    The Trout of the Nepisiguit by Frederic Irland
  • July, 19 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    Journeying With Harvesters by Charles Moreau Harger
  • August, 20 Articles, 128pp - PDF
    They by Rudyard
  • September, 19 Articles, 132pp - PDF
    An Old Battlefield of the Nations by Lewis Gaston Leary
  • October, 18 Articles, 132pp - PDF
    The Moulders by Benjamin Brooks
  • November, 15 Articles, 131pp - PDF
    Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made Of by John Corbin
  • December, 19 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    Christmas in the Valois by Mary King Waddington
Issues of 1905
  • January, 15 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    Political Problems of Europe as They Interest Americans, I by Frank A. Vanderlip
  • February, 17 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    The Lights and the Stars of Broadway by John Corbin
  • March, 18 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    Portraits of Indian Types by George Bird Grinnell
  • April, 16 Articles, 141pp - PDF
    Kits and Outfits by Richard Harding Davis
  • May, 19 Articles, 94pp - PDF
    The Marble Mountains by Edwin B. Child
  • June, 19 Articles, 130pp - PDF
    Truegate of Mogador by Sewell Ford
  • July, 15 Articles, 131pp - PDF
    A Victory Unforeseen by Ralph D. Paine
    A Harvard-Yale boat-race story
  • August, 16 Articles, 135pp - PDF
    The Emblem of Home by Eleanor Stuart
  • September, 16 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    Heads and Horns by W.T. Hornaday
  • October, 13 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    A Colorado Bear Hunt by Theodore Roosevelt
  • November, 16 Articles, 132pp - PDF
    A Wolf Hunt In Oklahoma by Theodore Roosevelt
  • December, 19 Articles, 128pp - PDF
    The Down of a To-Morrow by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Issues of 1906
  • January, 14 Articles, 132pp - PDF
    Philippa's Nervous Prostration by Kate Douglas Wiggin
    A Study in Nobleness
  • February, 16 Articles, 131pp - PDF
    Joseph Jefferson at Work and Play by Francis Wilson
  • March, 14 Articles, 137pp - PDF
    The Flowing Road by Henry Norman, M.P.
    A Record of the Perfect Holiday of an Automobile Journey of 1300 Miles
  • April, 16 Articles, 133pp - PDF
    The Pan-American Railway by Charles M. Pepper
  • May, 15 Articles, 131pp - PDF
    Vanishing Indian Types by E.S. Curtis
    The Tribes of the Southwest
  • June, 18 Articles, 130pp - PDF
    The Larger Training of the American Army by Capt. T. Bentley Mott, U.S.A.
  • July, 16 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    Impressions of Dalmatia by Ernest C. Peixotto
  • August, 18 Articles, 133pp - PDF
    Jack-O'-Lantern by Kate Douglas Wiggin
    A Rebecca Story
  • September, 16 Articles, 135pp - PDF
    A Knight of the Cumberland by John Fox, Jr.
  • October, 19 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    The American Bison or Buffalo by Ernest Thompson Seton
  • November, 17 Articles, 133pp - PDF
    Russia's Greatest Painter---Ilia Repin by Christian Brinton
  • December, 19 Articles, 167pp - PDF
    The State O' Maine Girl by Kate Douglas Wiggin
    Fourth Rebecca Story
Issues of 1907
  • January, 20 Articles, 132pp - PDF
    A Holiday in a Vacation by Henry van Dyke
    (The first paper in "Days Off")
  • February, 17 Articles, 131pp - PDF
    A Goth by Thomas Nelson Page
  • March, 19 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    Down the Seine in a Motor-Boat by Ernest C. Peixotto
  • April, 22 Articles, 130pp - PDF
    The Cathedral of St. John the Divine by C. Grant La Farge
  • May, 17 Articles, 131pp - PDF
    The Sea Voyage of a Dry-Dock by William J. Aylward
    An Acocunt of the "Dewey's" Trip to the Philippines
  • June, 19 Articles, 130pp - PDF
    The Man in the High-Water Boots by F. Hopkinson Smith
  • July, 21 Articles, 130pp - PDF

  • August, 17 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    Some Remarks on Gulls: With a Footnote on a Fish by Henry van Dyke
    Fifth aper in "Days Off"
  • September, 19 Articles, 133pp - PDF
    Siena by Arthur Symons
  • October, 15 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    Small Country Neighbors by Theodore Roosevelt
  • November, 19 Articles, 132pp - PDF
    The Spanish Galleon and Pieces--of-Eight by John C. Fitzpatrick
  • December, 23 Articles, 128pp - PDF
    The Part of Caesar by Arthur Stanwood Pier
Issues of 1908
  • January, 18 Articles, 101pp - PDF
    The West in the Orient by Charles M. Pepper
    I---Irrigation: An Old Force Newly Applied
  • February, 19 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    For the Honor of the Balloon Corps by Frederick Palmer
  • March, 18 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    Across the Cordilleras in Winter by Arthur Ruhl
  • April, 19 Articles, 131pp - PDF
    How They Rammed the Derelict by W.J. Aylward
  • May, 14 Articles, 131pp - PDF
    The Charm of Mountain Climbing by William Williams
  • June, 14 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    The Measure of Content by Sidney M. Chase
  • July, 18 Articles, 131pp - PDF
    Diversions in Picturesque Game-Lands by William T. Hornaday
    I. Grand Bad-Lands and Mule-Deer
  • August, 14 Articles, 131pp - PDF
    The House of Rimmon by Henry van Dyke
    A Drama in Four Acts
  • September, 14 Articles, 131pp - PDF
    The Contracting Engineer by Benjamin Brooks
  • October, 12 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    Richard Mansfield by Paul Wilstach
    II. The First Success
  • November, 23 Articles, 138pp - PDF

  • December, 19 Articles, 128pp - PDF
    Robert Burns's Country, the Heart of Ayrshire by George McLean Harper
Issues of 1909
  • January, 15 Articles, 131pp - PDF
    The Ile St. Louis by Frances Wilson Huard
  • February, 17 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    German Painting of To-Day by Christian Brinton
  • March, 21 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    At Herrick's Home in Devon by Edna Bourne Holman
  • April, 15 Articles, 132pp - PDF
    The Parthenon by Way of Papendrecht by F. Hopkinson Smith
  • May, 17 Articles, 127pp - PDF
    The Great Public Schools of England by Everett T. Tomlinson
  • June, 19 Articles, 126pp - PDF
    The Portraiture of Ingres by Frank Fowler
  • July, 19 Articles, 134pp - PDF
    The Lobsterman's Island by Sidney M. Chase
  • August, 20 Articles, 132pp - PDF
    Beckwith's Fairy by Maurice Hewlett
  • September, 20 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    The Evolution of the Sky-Scraper by Montgomery Schuyler
  • October, 19 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    African Game Trails: An Account of the African Wanderings of an American Hunter-... by Theodore Roosevelt
    I. A Railroad Through the Pleistocene
  • November, 16 Articles, 129pp - PDF
    African Game Trails: An Account of the African Wanderings of an American Hunter-... by Theodore Roosevelt
    II. On an East African Ranch---Lion Hunting on the Kapita Plains
  • December, 22 Articles, 130pp - PDF
    How Christmas Came Into England by James A.B. Scherer
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