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Scrutiny Archives
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Scrutiny, May 1932 Issue
- 18 Articles, 97pp
  • , pp. 2-7 - PDF
  • , pp. 8-19 - PDF
  • , pp. 20-32 - PDF
  • , pp. 33-38 - PDF
  • (Verse)
    , p. 39 - PDF
  • , pp. 40-46 - PDF
  • , pp. 47-59 - PDF
  • (Verse)
    , p. 60 - PDF
  • , pp. 61-68 - PDF
  • Comments and Reviews 
  • [+]
    (4 Reviews)
    , pp. 69-72 - PDF
    The Nemesis of American Business, and Other Essays, by Stuart Chase
    1. The Nemesis of American Business, and Other Essays by Stuart Chase
    2. The Tragedy of Waste by Stuart Chase
    3. Men and Machines by Stuart Chase
    4. Mexico: A Study of Two Americas by Stuart Chase and Marian Tyler
  • [+]
    , pp. 73-75 - PDF
    Universities: American, English, German, by Abraham Flexner
    1. Universities: American, English, German by Abraham Flexner
  • [+]
    , pp. 76-79 - PDF
    Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley
    1. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
  • [+]
    , pp. 80-82 - PDF
    The Work, Wealth, and Happiness of Mankind, by H.G. Wells
    1. The Work, Wealth, and Happiness of Mankind by H.G. Wells
  • [+]
    (3 Reviews)
    , pp. 83-84 - PDF
    Psychologies of 1930, by Carl Murchison
    1. Psychologies of 1930 by Carl Murchison
    2. The Mind and Its Body by Charles Fox#3
    3. The Nervous Temperament by Millais Culpin and May Smith
  • Felo de Se? 
  • [+]
     --- by H.L. Elvin
    (4 Reviews)
    , pp. 85-86 - PDF
    1. What Would Be the Character of a New War? by Norman Angell
    2. The Dragon's Teeth by J.F.C. Fuller
    3. They That Take the Sword by Esme C. Wingfield-Stratford
    4. The Unseen Assassins by Norman Angell
  • [+]
    , pp. 87-89 - PDF
    1. New Bearings in English Poetry by F.R. Leavis
  • [+]
    , pp. 90-91 - PDF
    1. The London Book of English Prose by Herbert Read and Bonamy Dobree
  • [+]
    , pp. 92-94 - PDF
    1. Philosophy of the Sciences by F.R. Tennant