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  • Women Painters of the World (1905) by Walter Shaw Sparrow - READ
    From the Time of Caterina Vigri
    2 Reviews, 1 Readable
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      (54 Reviews)
      Vito Acconci, by Mario Diacono
      1. Vito Acconci by Mario Diacono
      2. Francis Bacon by Lorenza Trucchi
      3. Reminiscences of Rosa Bonheur by Theodore Stanton
      4. Calder's Universe by Jean Lipman
      5. Mary Cassatt by Nancy Hale
      6. Constable and His World by Reg Gadney
      7. The Paintings of Correggio by Cecil Gould
      8. Daubigny by Madeleine Fidell-Beaufort and J. Bail...
      9. Degas: The Artist's Mind by Theodore Reff
      10. The Brothers Duchamp by Pierre Cabanne
      11. Ensor by John David Farmer
      12. Ensor by Roger van Gindertael
      13. Une Semaine de Bonte by Max Ernst
      14. Emile Galle by Philippe Garner
      15. Goya and the Impossible Revolution by Gwyn A. Williams
      16. Yes, But... by Dore Ashton
      17. Framing and Being Framed by Hans Haacke
      18. Correspondence: An Exhibition of the Letters of Ray Johnson by Ray Johnson
      19. The Complete Writings 1959-1975 by Donald Judd
      20. Kathe Kollwitz: Woman and Artist by Martha Kearns
      21. Leger and the Avant-Garde by Christopher Green
      22. The Prints of Reginald Marsh by Norman Sasowsky
      23. Andre Masson by William Rubin and Carolyn Lanchner
      24. Dawns and Dusks by Louise Nevelson and Diana McKown Neve...
      25. Georgia O'Keeffe by Georgia O'Keeffe
      26. Rossetti by John Nicholl
      27. Henri Rousseau by Carolyn Keay
      28. George Segal by Jan Van der Marck
      29. Cover to Cover by Michael Snow
      30. Trumbull: The Declaration of Independence by Irma B. Jaffe
      31. Velasquez: The Art of Painting by Madlyn Millner
      32. Jacques Villon by Daniel Robbins
      33. The Farnese Hours by Webster Smith
      34. The Unicorn Tapestries by Margaret B. Freeman
      35. A Gallery of Amish Quilts by Robert Charles Bishop and Elizabeth S...
      36. Russian Art of the Avant-Garde by John E. Bowlt
      37. Islamic Patterns by Keith Critchlow
      38. American Views by Gloria-Gilda Deak
      39. Swiss Painting by Florens Deuchler, Marcel Roethlisberg...
      40. The Art of the Print by Fritz Eichenberg
      41. The "Wild Beasts" by John Elderfield
      42. The Heritage of Apelles by E.H. Gombrich
      43. Art by Frederick Hartt
      44. Indian Art of the Northwest Coast by Bill Holm and Bill Reed
      45. English Art Today, 1960-76 by Francesco Ogliari and Gerald Forty
      46. Women Artists by Karen Petersen and J.J. Wilson
      47. Artists as Professors by Morris Risenhoover and Robert T. Blac...
      48. The Antipodean Manifesto by Bernard William Smith
      49. Women Painters of the World by Walter Shaw Sparrow
      50. American Master Drawings and Watercolors by Theodore E. Stebbins, Jr.
      51. Art Brut by Michel Thevoz
      52. People of the First Man by Prince Maximilian zu Wied, Davis Thom...
      53. The Scene by Calvin Tomkins
      54. Artists for the Shah by Anthony Welch
      The Nation
      , December 18, 1976, pp. 663-666
    2. [+]
      (17 Reviews)
      The King in Exile, by Eva Scott
      1. The King in Exile by Eva Scott
      2. Travels Round Our Village by Eleanor G. Hayden
      3. Aunt Phipps by Tom Gallon
      4. The Twentieth Century Child by E.H. Cooper
      5. Books and Personalities by H.W. Nevinson
      6. Grey Breathren by Michael Fairless
      7. Lord Byron: Selected Poetry by J. Wight Duff and Lord Byron
      8. A Gendarme of the King by Philip L. Stevenson
      9. The Castle of Shadows by C.N. Williamson
      10. Rice Papers by Hugh Leigh Norris
      11. Women Painters of the World by Walter Shaw Sparrow
      12. Children's Answers by John Henry Burn
      13. Sophy Bunce by Thomas Cobb
      14. Stories of Authors' Loves by Clara Elizabeth Laughlin
      15. The Clock and the Key by Arthur Henry Vesey
      16. Country Diary by Mrs. Alfred Cook
      17. Thumbnail Essays by K. Collins
      The Bookman (U.K.)
      , April 1905, p. 33 - PDF