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  • The Road to Zimbabwe, 1890-1980 (1986) by Anthony Verrier
    3 Reviews, 1 Readable
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      (13 Reviews)
      On Africa
      1. Guinea Bissau by Carlos Lopes
      2. Politics and the Military in Uganda, 1890-1985 by Amii Omara-Otunnu
      3. The Church Struggle in South Africa by John W. de Gruchy
      4. A History of Africa by Hosea Jaffe
      5. An African Voice by Robert W. July
      6. South Africa's Security Dilemmas by Christopher Coker
      7. They Cannot Kill Us All by Richard Manning
      8. Legitimating the Illegitimate by Stanley B. Greenberg
      9. Southern Africa: An American Enigma by Sheikh R. Ali
      10. The Road to Zimbabwe, 1890-1980 by Anthony Verrier
      11. Angola, Mozambique, and the West by Helen Kitchen
      12. Qaddafi and the Libyan Revolution by David Blundy and Andrew Lycett
      13. Qaddafi's World Design by Ronald Bruce St. John
      Current History
      , May 1988, pp. 221-234
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      (19 Reviews)
      The Impact of Civilian Evacuation in the Second World War, by Travis L. Crosby
      1. The Impact of Civilian Evacuation in the Second World War by Travis L. Crosby
      2. A Short History of Irish Literature by Seamus Deane
      3. Late Victorians by Bernard Denvir
      4. The Peoples of Ireland by Liam de Paor
      5. Letters to the Press by Arthur Conan Doyle
      6. Samuel Beckett, Nayman of Noland by Richard Ellmann
      7. Marching Over Africa by Frank Emery
      8. Long Knives and Short Memories by Jack Fishman
      9. Agate by James Harding
      10. Last Days of the Reich by James Lucas
      11. Indian Country by Peter Matthiessen
      12. Victorian Autobiography by Linda H. Peterson
      13. George Orwell by Patrick Reilly
      14. The Railway Station: A Social History by Jeffrey Richards and John M. MacKenzie
      15. At the Dawn of Tyranny by Eli Sagan
      16. Landscape for a Good Woman by Carolyn Kay Steedman
      17. Wordsworth: Play and Politics by John Turner
      18. The Road to Zimbabwe, 1890-1980 by Anthony Verrier
      19. Maestro Segovia by Graham Wade
      , June 1986, p. 57 - PDF
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      (6 Reviews)
      1. The Politics of Africa's Economic Stagnation by Richard Sandbrook
      2. Economic Crisis in Africa by Adebayo Adedeji and Timothy M. Shaw
      3. Crisis and Recovery in Sub-Saharan Africa by Tore Rose
      4. The Road to Zimbabwe, 1890-1980 by Anthony Verrier
      5. Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane
      6. Nelson Mandela by Mary Benson
      Foreign Affairs
      , Summer 1986, pp. 1128-1129